A hobbit eagle fell in an earthquake in New Zealand

A hobbit eagle fell in an earthquake in New Zealand

The legendary Raptor plane flies into New Zealand airport Marty Melville/AFP

At Wellington Airport, a 15-metre-tall statue of Gwihir, Bilbo’s faithful steed, did not withstand a 6.3-magnitude earthquake.

An earthquake measuring 6.3 on the Richter scale defeated L’s friend The hobbit. He is now lying on the ground, surrounded by security barriers. Huge statue of Alguihir installed at an airport Wellington At the beginning of this December Weta workshop. The hobbit And triple Lord of the rings They owe many of their creatures to this New Zealand company. Specializing in special effects, it has been designed for films Peter Jackson Countless models of all sizes and costumes, monstrous or fantastic beings inhabiting the universe JRR Tolkien .

The arrival of the largest of the great eagles in the air at the airport seemed like a tribute to Peter Jackson’s wonderful films, which take in the magical landscapes of the world. New Zealand. The Golden Eagle killed two birds with one stone. Both excellent promotion for The hobbit – Like the gentle Bilbo, the travelers, upon their arrival, were immersed in the heart of the unexpected journey and a nod to Tolkien’s wonderful world, a way to attract tourists. Who doesn’t dream of exploring this magical universe, hoping to encounter an elf or two? In addition to welcoming the massive bird of prey, tourists’ passports were stamped with the Middle-earth seal. They are certainly imbued with the imagination conveyed by landscapes that have been contemplated a hundred times on screen, with the lasting impression of penetrating the vast plains of Eriador.

The bird of prey, nicknamed the Lord of the Winds, has gained a place in fiction. But reality caught him mid-flight. But while the earthquake damaged homes and caused landslides, the fall of Gwaihir – who saved Gandalf the Gray three times – did not cause any human damage.

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