Vin Diesel almost lost everything because of this sci-fi movie that was a major cinematic flop

Vin Diesel almost lost everything because of this sci-fi movie that was a major cinematic flop

The epic that made Vin Diesel famous is available on Amazon Prime. The actor plans to add an opus to it, even if the latter will cost him dearly.

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When we think of Vin Diesel, he of course immediately evokes an epic fast and angryWhich made him a star. However, he’s not the one who made it known in the first place. After a small role in Private Ryan must be rescuedVin Diesel made a name for himself in another franchise that was far less successful, and even came close to costing dearly. It’s in a science fiction movie very black It was in 2000 that the actor broke up. He played the role of Riddick, an assassin who is able to see in the dark in a futuristic world. Small but real success. Halo of his next successes, the actor fired Riddick Chronicles in 2004. Again, without being a blockbuster, the movie has remained a sci-fi action classic. It’s available now on Amazon Prime Video.

The actor would have been left homeless if he hadn’t finished the movie

Nearly ten years later, Vin Diesel embarked on a third episode simply titled Riddick. This led him to the brink of bankruptcy. In 2013, he wanted to revive the franchise from its beginnings without the support of a major studio. independence that had financial consequences. The film’s budget was 38 million euros Almost three times less than the previous opus. The team had to shoot in forty-seven days and Vin Diesel had to mortgage his house to pay for the project. “If we hadn’t finished the movie, I would have been left homeless.”explained at the time to Hollywood Reporter.

Planned sequel

The movie saw the light of day, and the proceeds allowed the actor to keep his home. But the danger was real. Even if it does bring in close to $100 million, it’s still quite a paltry amount on the box office scale. in the same year, snow Queen or Iron Man 3 It exceeded $1.2 billion in revenue. above all, Riddick It is far from being considered the best movie in the saga. But Vin Diesel seems to retain a special affection for the character. Soon, he announced his ambition to make a fourth episode. Riddick: Instant It is scheduled for 2025.

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