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Villaard-Barra: ASM will line up their 10th joint of the season against Perpignan, this Saturday

With at least 20 players, injured, picked for selection or suspended by the club, ASM’s workforce no longer has any room to maneuver to play the competition or make sporting choices. Players under professional contract and able to play, only Flaty is not in the group this weekend. He was replaced on the bench by Ojovan.

It’s no surprise, then, that the same group lined up in La Rochelle was completely revamped to face the USAP, this Saturday (5:15 p.m.), at Michelin. The only changes relate to the seat, with the return of Jedrasiak, who has recovered from his concussion (at Brive).

excellent Elder Tibergin (ASM), before the Perpignan reception: “Everyone is interested and ready, the soul is kind”

When the match kicks off, Clermont will rely again on his second international streak Lavanini-Vahamahaina and on the third streak that satisfies Rochelles, Cancourt, Teixeronte and Dessinne.

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Bara continues to open

In the back, Juno Gibbs made two changes; One forced, after Bizzi and Michet were injured, giving Villalard the opportunity to start a game (the third this season), and the other with Mwala’s return.

excellent ASM – USAP: Catalan identity seen by Sebastian Vahamahaina

After sustaining a knee injury, the New Zealander has missed his team’s last four matches and will therefore return to the competition linked to Nagalivo. Even if Raka is back in action again (he will be on the bench), the rear triangle has been revamped, with Roziere and Teibergen on the wings and Matsushima in the back.

In terms of the hinge, ASM will align an unprecedented pair with the Viallard and Parra. So the latter connects the second match at the opening. It’s also the sixth meeting in a row where employees have changed half…

Beginning of the fifteenth of ASM

Matsushima. Rozière, Moala, Naqalevu, Tiberghien; (o) Barra, (m) Villard; Teixeront, Decen, Kancoret; Vahaamahina (cover), Lavanini; Soleimani, Forcade, Valgo.
alternatives : Bodo, Pepe Bezio, Jedrasiak, Cl. Lanen, Barraque, Hanrahan, Raka, Ojovan.

Christophe Boron

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