Pro D2. Aurillac winner, Rouen Normandy Rugby breathes a sigh of relief

Surano and the Lions of Rouen present themselves with a precious success against Aurillac, Friday 25 February 2022 at Diochon (Archives). (© RNR/A.Roques)

Relief stabilized Black Rowan (Sen Navy)Defeat Aurillac (30-16) at Robert Duchon Stadium on Friday, February 25, 2022. Rouen Normandy rugby He stayed on five consecutive losses at home and has not won in front of his fans since November 19, 2021 against Agen (27-23). At the gates to the top six at the time, the Lions then slid into the relegation zone, after a run of nine defeats in ten matches, most recently on the grounds of Red Lantern Narbonne.

RNR leaves the red zone

This success will lead to a world of good for a group also affected by the tragic disappearance of Jordan Michel. Allows the RNR to leave the red zone (14, 37 points), to return to Bourg-en-Bresse (15, 36 points), its main opponent in maintenance, who lost at home to Vannes (9-26), but also to return in the wake of Grenoble (13th place, 38 points), batting with wires at Béziers (20-17).

The evening would have been perfect if the Normans had been able to keep the offensive bonus they went for for 5 minutes of siren.

Sure, Aurillac is pretty disastrous on the go (1 success, 11 defeats) but the Normans have the advantage of rebelling before it’s definitely too late. Savings were thin while waiting for the other three recruits to qualify, New Zealand opener Daniel White, Tongan prostitute Miley Ngwamo and France full back Marius Marti.

After an exchange at the foot to occupy the field, the Normans took advantage of a penalty kick at a height of 38 meters in front of the columns, punishing fouling on the initiative of Mellorat (8). Lydon missed the run but recovered almost immediately, from 22 metres, after hanging Costa in the air on touch (3-0, 10). Aurillac returned four minutes later thanks to a goal from Palmier from 50 metres, rewarding the feisty goalkeeper (3-3, 14). The RNR party took advantage of an easy Lydon penalty to bounce back after Auvergne’s foul on luck (6-3, 17). The Normans were very present in this sector and recovered valuable possessions from which they nevertheless made any profit.

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Missed passes near the goal line provided opportunities for Orilakwe who ended up getting rid of the ball with an off-axis drop from Palmer (28). A simple error from Sorano who lunged after Adil’s capture resulted in a penalty kick that Palmier did not miss (6-6, 37). Rowan finished the period with a hard kick with an effort from Costa (13-6, 39), returning from a long injury, who grabbed a diagonal at the foot of Lydon, after a breakthrough from Mellorat over 40m. Furthermore, Aurillac received a yellow card.

Returning from the break, Ndiaye, who had a perfect pass from Cazale-Debat on the closed side, scored a second attempt which turned Ledon into a corner kick (20-6, 47). Aurillac tried to recover but his game was tainted by invasion errors, especially in touch, so he picked Palmier for points (20-9, 61). RNR was more daring and made some interesting moves that deserve a better fate. A scratch from Luatwa at 42 m allowed Lydon to almost guarantee success, 13 minutes from the end (23-9, 67). The penalty kick gave hope on a third attempt but Al Ruwaini let the ball slip away (70′). Tuatagaloa forgot a partner when the test path was clear (72). Finally, Kazak performed a goal attack, and gave the Normans offensive bonus test (30-9, 75). Sadly, Aurillac scored in the last minute of the match, depriving the Lions of that precious extra point.

Post-match reactions

Nicolas Gudignon (Coach Rouen): “When we win, we feel happy, especially since it doesn’t happen much this year. It’s a good thing, it keeps our heads above water. We still missed a bonus point that could be important in the race to keep. I’m very proud of the guys. This group is great. When we put Strength, we are able to produce a good rugby game. We were able to compete for the strengths of Aurillac, scrum and the balls you carry. It strengthens everyone. It allows you to believe in it a little more. In the first half we put a lot of power on the plates, maybe more It’s necessary because we cleaned up excessively and kicked the ball out. The crucial moment is Aurillac’s yellow card before the break because we scored two attempts on this shortfall. We were released. In our position, confidence is not always easy to build. The maintenance will be every team’s ability to keep their nerve. None Small teams, small receptions … You have to say that anything is possible, even outside with the top players. Grenoble showed the way by winning at Bayonne. You just have to play your luck bravely and have no regrets in the end.”

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Jonathan Giroud (second line from Rouen) : “It’s a great victory, and it’s a pity we let the reward slip away. We proved that we were there, that we could commit, and we almost had the match for 80 minutes. We take our heads out of the water a bit, and he puts balm on the heart. I’m glad to be back with a victory after 9 months out due to injury. I wanted to do my best even if I was a little bit lacking in strength. It’s great for everyone. It was a win now or not. It’s not the turning point of the season yet, but we’re finding a good dynamic. Tonight, we were a little confused, we’re a team He reacts which is fine when his head is under the water. In the locker room, Abdel Fana spoke, saying things we had to hear. We competed with Aurillac in the margins and the laundry. She got us into the game. We made a commitment and there was inevitably a bit of a waste. We’ve made a lot of progress and probably want to play a lot in the scoring area. It’s up to us to ask ourselves, to get our foot on the ball to build our game.

Lucas Costa (Roanne III) “I’m happy with our team’s performance. We had a good rugby match with the basics of intensity and fighting. I scored a great pass from Peter (Lydon). We studied Aurillac well and saw that there were opportunities to stay in the lanes. Being well prepared for the dates makes things easier. I haven’t played with Pro for three months after my injury, only one under-23 game. In Pro D2, the intensity varies. I’ve talked a lot with coaches who have trusted me twice and have strengthened my upper body where I had weaknesses. I was very calm and everyone, especially the veterans. “They gave me the confidence to facilitate my comeback. I had a lot of fun this evening with a home win against a nice team from Aurillac. If I don’t have a voice anymore, it’s because I screamed a lot after I got out and because I got hit in the throat. For maintenance, we set ourselves the goal of winning all our games at Our land (there are still Montauban, Aix and Béziers. We took the first step tonight. We are in survival mode, every game, every point counts.”

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