View the custom platform template for national consultation

View the custom platform template for national consultation

During the Ministerial Council chaired by the Head of State, Monday, December 13, 2021, the draft platform dedicated to national consultations was presented.

The portal should enable the collection of different opinions and views of Tunisians and serve as an “electronic referendum”. We can note that the consultations revolve around six axes: political and electoral affairs, economic and financial affairs, social affairs, sustainable development, health and quality of life, and finally education and culture.

Among the questions that can be noted in the show, some have to do with the standard of living, others are about entrepreneurship or even the place given to women in public affairs.

The President of the Republic, Kais Saied, assigned the Ministry of Communication Technologies to prepare a draft electronic referendum.

Kais Saied explained that this referendum will serve as a tool for dialogue with the Tunisian people and will be part of a comprehensive approach aimed at putting an end to the state of emergency.

« Tunisia has entered a new phase that is different from the previous one. We all have to craft new business tools. The human mind has evolved as has political culture, but some concepts have remained the same. The national dialogue we are talking about, we need to find new mechanisms He confirmed.

Mohammed bin Zayed

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