"He should condemn this shit immediately"... This is the short message that Donald Trump Jr sent to the White House

“He should condemn this shit immediately”… This is the short message that Donald Trump Jr sent to the White House

These SMS “proves that the White House was aware of what was happening on Capitol Hill” in real time. On Monday, Republican-elect Liz Cheney read aloud text messages that Donald Trump’s chief of staff had received while thousands of his supporters were. swept the Congress. Meanwhile, US elected officials have voted to recommend the prosecution of Mark Meadows, who has refused to appear and testify before Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry.

Liz Cheney, Donald Trump’s Republican enemy and vice chair of the committee, read dozens of text messages that elected officials and White House executives sent to Mark Meadows: “We’re under siege,” Mark, protesters climbing the Capitol and smashed windows, “They made it indoors, Will Trump say anything? “,” There is a gunman face to face in front of the entrance hall “,” The president must order the protesters to leave, there will be dead people “,” Tell them to go home! “

Du Sean Hannity and Donald Trump Jr. Letters

Mark Meadows also received text messages from several of the president’s relatives. Fox News star Sean Hannity asked if Donald Trump could “make a (written) statement asking people to leave Capitol Hill?” The eldest son of the Commander-in-Chief of the United States, Donald Trump Jr, insisted that he “must condemn this shit immediately. A Capitol Police tweet is not enough. Reply from Mark Meadows: ‘I agree, I’m doing my best. “

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Donald Trump called on protesters on Twitter to respect the police and then protest peacefully about an hour later and then 1:30 after the attack began. But it took nearly 3 hours before a video was released asking the rioters to go home.

Steve Bannon trial

Mark Meadows has submitted thousands of pages of official documents, emails and text messages to the Board of Inquiry, but refuses to testify at any cost. So elected officials have recommended that he be sued, on the grounds that through his silence he is trying to “obstruct a Congressional investigation.”

This recommendation was referred to the Ministry of Justice. The final decision to indict Mark Meadows is up to him, as it already was. The case of former advisor to Donald Trump, Steve Bannonwhich will be tested this summer.

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