Vietnam and Taiwan are among the only countries in the world to have truly defeated COVID-19

Vietnam and Taiwan are among the only countries in the world to have truly defeated COVID-19

While still half the world is struggling with The COVID-19 pandemic, With countries like India e Brazil Which records records of new cases and deaths, and not much since the beginning of the health emergency, there are other cases that seem to have really defeated the virus. On the one hand there Vietnam, Where aside from a few small local closures, it is almost back to normal, with schools and restaurants opening, people going to concerts and clubs, while remaining on the alert, and on the other hand there. Taiwan, Since the beginning of the epidemic, only 11 deaths from the Coronavirus have been recorded. How did they achieve these results? Both have been described absolutely since March 2020 timing In prevention, containment and safety measures.

In fact, Vietnam has closed itself literally since last March, and kept its borders closed even when it reached zero daily cases of coronavirus, especially due to fear of arrivals from neighboring regions. China, The first global outbreak of SARS-CoV-2 infection. “The fewer infections, the more valuable the border restrictions: they work better when they appear excessive, before or after virus transmission,” said Mark Jett, an epidemiologist at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. . Even today, only certain categories of people, such as businessmen or experts, can enter the country, and in any case, anyone who wants to enter needs special government permits and must then proceed. Quarantine for 21 days Under state control. Positive patients are transferred directly to hospitals, regardless of the severity of their condition. Added to this are other measures followed by bondage, such as Trace taut, A complete lockout Targeted and timely tests as desired, which, unlike Western powers, allowed Vietnam to halt the circulation of the virus even before the start of the campaign. vaccination. Total deaths reached 35 AH and just over 2,700 people were infected with the virus during three small waves that were all quickly contained, out of a total of 97 million, resulting in a growth of the economy by 2.9%.

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Taiwan has performed better: Only 1,082 cases have been recorded here since March 2020, 1,038 in hospital and 11 victims out of a total of 23 million people. However, Patricia Fitzpatrick, an expert at University College Dublin, explained that Taiwan is considered a very dangerous country due to its proximity to China and the frequent trips between the two countries. However, like Vietnam, it is the island itself isolated Quickly from the rest of the world, establishing a central pandemic command center to manage the pandemic scenario between ministries, agencies, executives and companies as soon as news of the first Covid cases in China appears. Cut off all air connections with foreign countries and imposed one Stone Mandatory for any international traveler, which makes Trace One of the pillars of his approach to the epidemic, along with timeliness of decisions. A new study was published in Journal of the American Medical Association The Taiwan issue has been examined. The authors of the research, from a number of health institutions and hospitals in Taiwan and the United States, compared the estimated effectiveness of two types of policies in the first months of the epidemic: case-based and population-based measures. The first includes detection of infected persons through testing, positive case isolation, contact tracing, and 14-day quarantine of close contacts; The latter included policies regarding face masks, personal hygiene and social distancing. Both have allowed the country to better contain the epidemic.

To summarize, it can be said using words Walter Ricciardi The personal advisor to the Minister of Health hoped that “New Zealand, Taiwan, Rwanda, Iceland, Australia, Vietnam, Cyprus and Thailand have little or nothing at all geographically, culturally, economically and socially – he confirmed in an interview with future -. But they are all countries where life today flows somewhat naturally thanks to the option not to live with the virus, but to Arrested him If possible, delete it. They did Brave choices“.

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