"The best year of my career, I hope to open a tournament at Inter. I'll fight to the death for Conte"

“The best year of my career, I hope to open a tournament at Inter. I’ll fight to the death for Conte”


De Recio, “So DR is the brand with strongest growth in 2021, and is now expanding overseas”

“What we are gathering are important results that come from afar, at least since the beginning of 2016 with the launch of new models and advances in quality, technology and design. Despite the epidemic in 2020, we launched new models, we have updated the range. DR and created the Evo brand, to start. A continued growth trend allowed us to close the year with volumes closely identical to those for 2019. ‘ This is how Massimo de Recio, founder and president of DR, in Adnkronos sums up the ambitions of the Molise car manufacturer that in the first months of 2021 achieved the greatest growth priority in our market, with + 257% for the brand in a record 2,173-month fact of cars. With its market share rising to 0.37%, with an increase of + 257.40% over the same period in 2020, which dwarfs the two-digit increases for the most popular brands: in April, 611 cars were sold by the Molise brand. Honda’s results and leave behind more well-established and well-known brands. “But the statistical comparison with April 2020 is meaningless” – confirms – given that Italy last year was’ closed due to lockdown ‘:’ Instead, + 228% in 2019 is a symbol, while in the first four months the growth comparison to Two years ago it was 113% “Part of the result is due to the doubling of the offer expressed today on the DR brand, with three models built in China by Chery Automobile and“ completed ”in Macchia d’Isernia, and on the Evo brand. New commercial (Chery products along with products of JAC Motors, another Chinese giant), which – as the founder explains – “has a low price offering that is not low-cost, with a high quality ratio and an optional price. Full models as standard, respecting what has always been our specialty. “. “ With the DR, especially with the new F35 which has a decidedly distinctive look, as a result of the choices made by our Style Center, we try to put ourselves in a higher position, focusing not only on price but also on design: and we are satisfied – he explains – because April DR represents 55% of the total size of the group. ” Given the results already achieved for 2021, it is reasonable to consider doubling sales in Italy, to around 8,000 units. The growth that began in November 2020 has forced us to launch a double production shift and we continue to employ both in production and in the administrative and commercial part. And logistical “. Confirming the vertical growth trend, the DR founder explains, “We are moving towards the group reorganization of the two brands, also because news is coming for both brands, but we always stay in the SUV segment. We are also working on the network, which today includes 150 dealers between DR and Evo, with the aim of reaching 200 by the end of the year and distributing it widely across the country. But on the horizon, more important challenges lie ahead: “We hope, if the epidemic permits, to continue the plan of expansion abroad that we have already started. We already have about thirty dealers in Spain, we just opened a dealer in Bordeaux with the aim of growing in the French market, but it was We have to stop, and then we have a large distributor in Bulgaria that also covers Macedonia. But we also have open connections in the markets of Belgium, Austria and Germany, where we hope to be able to reach in 2022. ” The only major manufacturer with a registered office in Italy, DR Group “boasts a strong relationship with our region, where we are, moreover, one of the main companies, together with Fiat in Termoli and pasta producers” La Molisana. “”. To support ambitions, dedicated welcome to Dr and Evo products, which shows clear qualitative growth, also thanks to the growth of Chinese partners. “The new DR – confirms the group’s founder – is being produced at the Changshu plant, the same place where the Jaguars and Land Rovers for the Chinese market were born, and it shares the same T1X platform” as the best models of Chery, one of the domestic major builders. Compared to the beginnings, “when our employees assembled the mechanics and the bodywork, most cars today are made in China on our projects, while here we work on aesthetics, homogeneity and dual power supplies”. Attention, to the bi-fuel offer, which doesn’t seem to have even scratched the “forced” electricity in recent years: “We also have a 100% electric motor in the range, the Evo Electric, and among the upcoming models there will be gasoline-powered hybrids. In full, but this technology is still “immature” for our market. We remain a strong supporter of biofuel as well due to the state of the infrastructure for electric vehicles, beyond the predominant urban use. In the rest of the regions instead, the option we call “thermal hybrid” is the most Realistic and practical, with benefits in terms of taxes and emissions, not to mention the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of refueling with LPG. ” “It is no coincidence that 98% of our volumes in April are represented by bi-fuel vehicles: Thanks to the experience we have gained since 2006 with our partner Brc, our systems are – reliable and well-performing,” says Di Risio, at the minimum cost of the list.

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