Video through space

Video through space

The group of audio-visual artists Kiranil has settled in La Cellule, a cellar on Pierre-Aeby Street in Fribourg, where they organize exhibitions

Video installation during the Asomnia exhibition. © Dimitri Kanel
Video installation during the Asomnia exhibition. © Dimitri Kanel

Published on 30.05.2022

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culture ” In “La Cellule,” a basement on Pierre-Aeby Street in Friborg, video artist collective Kiranil decided to settle down. Comprised of directors, illustrators, photographers and graphic designers, the group defines itself as a collective art production focused on audiovisual creativity aimed at creating vivid works.

The Keranel group originally only existed through publicity that different members tried to do on social networks: “It was trying and frustrating. Having a place to showcase our work now allows us to reach a different audience as well as give a greater reality to our business and our group,” he explains Tibod Gumi, 20, is a member of the group. Thanks to La Cellule, artists can now gather an audience around tangible items.

In fact, for more than a year, Keranel, which means light in Madagascar, has been organizing exhibitions, concerts and evenings combining video, music, painting and graphics creations. After producing several music videos for the Friborg artists, Keranel organized asynchronous His first exhibition is in March 2021, at Arsen’Alt. Excited by the influx of the public, the group members decided to invest in a place they had known for a long time and whose previous occupant had been leaving: this famous cellar on rue Pierre Aby.

Distribution of bodies

“The cell is the center of life, a universal unit, as well as a secluded room in it. We really liked this parallelism,” explains Flavio Sanchez, 24, a member of the group. Then, in March 2022, it was the show’s turn. Asomnia To see daylight between drawing, installations and video projections. Thus the cell acts as a gateway for the action of keranyl. “By allowing bodies to circulate freely in our businesses and facilities, we can develop a critical approach to the reception of images by the public, who can be interested in what they want,” Tibaud adds.

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“In the future, we would like to offer week-long art residencies, at the end of which we will organize a small exhibition to show the result. We would also like to organize a film club there,” says Flavio. like a tree His 45-minute documentary on the consequences of colonialism in Madagascar. Then, in August, the audience will be able to attend the concert of the musical project Kyoto Kafka. To stay up to date with all the upcoming action of this creative surplus group, members of Kiranil make an appointment on their website or on their Instagram account.

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