Rich week of scientific and technical workshop of the College Lucie-Aubrac

Rich week of scientific and technical workshop of the College Lucie-Aubrac

Having won the title of favorite jury during the weather and space meetings, the project “Never Tired of Fog!” He won first national awards in two other competitions.

And to record, the 12 students in the workshop, since the beginning of the school year, worked on the following problem: How to increase the blur?

From weaving fishing nets to building devices inspired by the Namibian beetle, from observing the shape of water droplets to choosing the most effective materials, from using a 3D printer to laser engraving, college students have developed an experimental approach to finding a solution to this problem.

They were accompanied on their project by the Institute of Fluid Mechanics of Toulouse, a former student of a faculty member of the association “Inventions Without Borders”, Micropolis (Insect City), by FabLab Rutech from MJC de Rodez, Météo France and by teachers of technology, mathematics, physics and chemistry.

This work was presented during the academic finals of the CGénial and Fait de la science competitions, organized at the Université Paul-Sabatier in Toulouse, and this work won first prize in both competitions, thus qualifying for the national finals.

For the CGénial competition, 29 colleges in France and abroad entered the competition. The Scientific Workshop of the College of Lucie-Aubrac took first place (International Outstanding Competition Award).

The bonus is to represent France at Expo-sciences Luxembourg during the fall of 2022.

During the national final of the Make Science competition, 12 institutions (colleges and high schools) were in the competition and the pupils of the rieupeyrousains were, again, awarded first prize.

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On this occasion, they were able to discover the city of Amiens, its cathedral and the Hortillonnages (floating gardens).

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