VIDEO. Ce passage de rugby viril va vous prouver qu'on sait plaquer en Super Rugby !

Video. This manly rugby mission will prove to you that we know how to handle Super Rugby!

How many times have you heard:In Super Rugby, there’s no defense, it’s a salon door!“Maybe I wrote this line as a comment on an article about insane action. The Southern Hemisphere tournament is amazing, It is not a surprise to anyone. Results rivers are not uncommon. And it happens that some players are holed up. But is defense really not good or attack better? The controversy still rages and nothing says it will ever end.analyzing. Why is Super Rugby more exciting than European leagues? [VIDÉO]This Saturday, the match between Hurricanes and Rebels not only proved that it was possible to make attempts but it also proved a great defense. We saw seven milestones in this segment, including Julian Savia’s double, leaving a final score of 35 to 13 in favor of the New Zealanders. But this does not mean that there was no fighting, sometimes within the confines of the base, With rough handling. Evidenced by this clip featured well-salted caramel and the former Toulon’s counterattack of the former Toulon player’s second attempt. What if we just enjoyed the show instead of always looking for the little monster? Note that Savea is now the leading attempt scorer in franchise history with 57 attempts ahead of Maoin Christian Cullen and TJ Berenara.

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