Taranto: Italy Grand Prix Sailing 5/6 June

Taranto, in the heart of Puglia, a maritime capital with a history spanning a thousand years, will host the second event of the second season of SailGP on June 5 and 6 and the first-ever Italian Sail Grand Prix.

The best athletes in this class will compete on board the F50 super-fast boat equipped with foil technology that will allow objects to “fly” over the Mar Grande’s crystalline waters at unbelievable speeds of around 50 knots (about 100 km / h). The eight nations – representing Australia, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Japan, Spain, New Zealand and the United States – will face their international teams in an event that promises to be among the tournament’s most impressive teams. An exciting race between identical boats where the athletes’ ability will make the difference and ensure maximum adrenaline.

When SailGP arrives in Taranto, its goal will also be to launch a collective challenge to the future of the planet. Through the #raceforhefuture program, SailGP is the first sporting organization to produce events with a positive impact on the climate, offsetting more than the carbon footprint of achieving the championship, and advocating for a world fueled by nature with the ultimate goal of accelerating the transition to clean energy.

SailGP will work closely with Taranto on the shared goal of making a tangible social and environmental impact, both with local green projects that leave an imprint on the region, and by directly engaging the community thanks to the SailGP Inspire Program, intended for 9-year-olds. To 23., with training courses, careers and real competitions.

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The Grand Prix Sailing in Italy will be the second positive climate impact event, which means we have already compensated for the event’s carbon footprint. We are very proud to be the first organization to achieve both the international carbon neutral standard and to be part of the UN Now No Climate Change initiative.

To support this, we wanted to ensure that fans who buy tickets can enjoy their SailGP experience knowing that their tickets are a climate positive ticket. In fact, every ticket sold will be allocated € 1.50 for the United Nations renewable energy project.

SailGP and City of Taranto host an innovative racing style for the first time in Italy: two days of fleet racing and the ultimate super ultimate challenge that will feature the first 3 boats with the highest scores. Whoever takes first place in the final race will be crowned the winner of the Grand Prix of Sail Italy. The Italians will have another reason to follow the races, aboard the Japanese SailGP team, Francesco Bruni is the eight-time world champion and captain of Luna Rossa in the last America’s Cup.

Thanks to the fully customizable SailGP app, enthusiasts will be able to experience emotions on board the boats by selecting the team, and having all the data on hand, including access to the onboard cameras and race statistics. In addition to the World Championships, there is an eSAILGP in which an individual’s marine skills can be tested in a virtual environment by competing with F50 catamarans, with the possibility of winning the final prize of $ 10,000.

SailGP joins the roster of international sporting events hosted by Taranto, it is already a stage of the Giro d’Italia in 2020 and home to the XX Mediterranean Games in 2026 with 4,000 athletes from 26 countries.


Grand Prix Sail of Italy

The southern Italian city of Taranto will host its first-ever Italian Sail race from June 5 to 6

The city of Taranto, located in southern Italy, will host the first-ever Italian Sail race from June 5 to 6 and it will be the second event of the second season of SailGP, after Bermuda in April.

Taranto was founded by Spartans, and over more than 3000 years of history, it stands between two bodies of water: the “Mar Grande” and the nature reserve in “Mar Piccolo” and is known as the “City of Bahrain”. The unique natural harbor will provide the perfect setting for an adrenaline-filled race, against a backdrop that marries old and new in southern Italy.

The city and its sea, along with a nursery for dolphins and other aquatic mammals, is home to important museums and ancient traditions, hosted by the alleys, perfumes, and parades of the ancient city. In Taranto, SailGP will deliver a blend of pure adrenaline and ‘Dolce Vita’ for a stage that promises to be an event you’ve never seen before. An event blending high technology and a maximum respect for the environment that will cross some of the most visible waters in the Puglia region.

SailGP entered its second season with a sense of purpose beyond entertainment.

In Taranto, SailGP will race for the future – defending a nature-driven world with the goal of accelerating the transition to clean energy. SailGP is setting a new standard as the first climate-positive sporting property and will present its event in Taranto with minimal impact on the environment.

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SailGP will work closely with the municipality of Taranto on the common goal of making a tangible social and environmental impact through local goals and impact projects that bring lasting benefits to the area, and by engaging the community in SailGP’s Inspiration Program – an outreach program for youth and society. Focusing on young people between the ages of 9 and 23. The program offers training courses, career opportunities and a race for young athletes through the program’s three tracks – learning, jobs and racing.

Taranto will be SailGP’s second climate positive event, which means we have already measured, minimized and contributed to the event’s carbon footprint. SailGP is really proud to be the first organization to achieve both the international carbon neutral standard and to be a part of the United Nations Climate Initiative now.

To support this, SailGP has made sure fans who buy tickets enjoy their time at SailGP knowing their ticket is climate positive, as SailGP has committed € 1.50 from each ticket sale for the contribution to the United Nations renewable energy project.

SailGP joins the roster of international sporting events hosted by Taranto. Most recently, in October 2020, Taranto held a stage of the prestigious Giro d’Italia – one of three fantastic cycling rides – and in 2026 it will welcome 4,000 athletes from 26 countries to compete in the 20th Mediterranean Games.

The light, flavors and gorgeous beauty of Taranto would make the Italian Grand Prix Sailing a truly amazing event that he will not want to miss.

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