Video. The failed attempt by Thomas Lavanini (Clermont) against the French stadium

Argentina’s Thomas Lavanini, making his Claremont debut, missed a live test against Stade Francis. (© Channel + screenshot)

Particularly expected roughness on the part ClaremontThe history of bringing muscle to the AC-connected Auvergne bundle. Stade de France, Sunday 10 October 2021, Argentinian Thomas Lavanini He debuted with ASM. The second line was particularly marked with Incredible failure.

in 69NS A minute into the match, while his team was leading by two small points (16-14), Lavanini was able to face Joris Segundes at the level of the Parisian 30m. A street opens in front of him, all he has to do is pick up the ball for the test… except that the second line becomes completely tangled when it is flattened. Let’s immediately note the big comeback of Léo Barré.

The French stadium breathes

Under pressure before receiving Claremont, who was late in the standings, the Stade Français provided most of the 6 . closingNS top 14 days, Multiplication ASM (22-14). During the drafts in the game, Gonzalo Quesada’s men relied on two goals from the wing Wesia And 12 points at the foot of the opening game Joris Segundes.

For Clermont, this is a bad process on all levels. The protected Juno Gibbs leaves his flight empty, having escaped the defensive bounty. “I can’t criticize the players for their attitudes, they tried to do things well, but there was a lack of skill. […] The situation was flawless,” the New Zealand technician commented. ASM is only 11NS in order, point in front of Biarritz, Red Lantern.

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