Swiss Mancini operation, but Olimpico is in danger

Swiss Mancini operation, but Olimpico is in danger

Rome. – Italy-Switzerland operation. Roberto Mancini welcomed the Nations League yesterday with a date set for November 12th against Switzerland. And not necessarily in the Olympic stadium as had been expected for some time.

“The match against the Swiss will be the match of the year,” said the coach, who previously beat the following opponents 3-0 but knows that next time the decisive match to qualify for the Qatar 2022 World Cup will be. Another thing compared to the second match of the European Championship.

The stadium could also be different: the Roma office, Ansa learned, is in fact in danger, and tomorrow we will understand something more than the meeting between FIFA, sports and health, which runs the ‘Olympic’ facility and stadium. .

It is the conditions of the stadium that worry Mancini and FC Italy not the least, to the point of suggesting alternative stadiums (Bergamo in the lead) so that the Azzurri are not punished in the main qualifying match. But nothing has been decided yet.

Maurizio Sarri and Jose Mourinho complained about camp detention. However, the Italian concern is particularly related to the fact that Olympique will host the rugby match between Italy and New Zealand on Saturday 6 November, just six days before the Italy match. An endurance test is not a simple one, to be added to the Ligue Conference on 4 November, with Roma-Boduy Glimt, and the Championship 7 with Lazio-Salernitana.

For this reason, FIFA has been in contact with sports and health in recent days, and once the Nations League is archived, it will check whether there are guarantees to play in Rome or UEFA will have to request a transfer.

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From Sport e Salute, it is indicated that there are no alternatives to hosting the All Blacks, with whom negotiations have been going on for some time: since Olympique is the home of the national team, it was decided to stick to the request of rugby and not miss the opportunity to challenge the strongest national team in the world.

The Olympico, which is always emphasized in the company that runs the stadium, has a natural stadium, which has withstood the double commitment on Saturday and Sunday. It is clear that FIGC needs to calm down about the conditions of the stadium, and tomorrow this point will be clarified in a meeting between the managers of via Allegri and Sport e Salute.

Mancini is waiting to understand, as well as the injury situation. Given the offensive difficulties of the past few matches, the coach expects the building to not only recover within a month, but Belotti is also back in shape after the long hiatus. For the rest, given the importance and the desire to pay attention to every detail, Italy and Switzerland do not seem to be the right choice for experiments, such as those that Pisa expected from Luca.

Waiting to see if the Swiss win tomorrow in Lithuania and join the Azzurri, winning in a month is surely worth the sporting certainty of getting a World Cup ticket, while a different outcome will open up the risk of playing. Off, like four years.

In the meantime, the European qualifiers for Qatar 2022 are accelerating, and we are ready to make the first verdicts. Germany and Denmark can buy a World Cup ticket tomorrow, in the final round of the October window (with Belgium tonight awaiting the Estonia-Wales match): The Germans just need to beat Macedonia tomorrow and not see Armenia win in Romania and Denmark. He needs to beat Austria at home.

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Tomorrow also clearly defines several guaranteed second places, including the blue one which will be the minimum safe outcome in the event that Northern Ireland does not win in Bulgaria.

The contenders for second place are those who will go to the play-off on the last three world tickets: currently in competition are teams such as Serbia, Sweden, Bosnia, Croatia, Norway and Poland. It’s like saying, better not to think about it and beat Switzerland on November 12th, at the Stadio Olimpico or wherever.

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