Video.  The birth of non-twins babies in Morocco: mother of nine “fine” children

Video. The birth of non-twins babies in Morocco: mother of nine “fine” children

Malian young man who gave birth to nine children Agence France-Presse learned, on Wednesday, from the private Moroccan clinic where the birth took place, that her newborns are “fine”, but that they will remain in the intensive care unit for “two to three months” due to their low weight.

Halima Cissi, 25, from Timbuktu, Mali, was transferred at the end of March to a clinic in Casablanca, Morocco, in order to receive care commensurate with her exceptional pregnancy. The young woman had thought she was expecting seventy twins based on ultrasound made in Morocco and Mali, but the doctors were “surprised that they were nine at the end,” at the time of the birth, which had been completed by a cesarean section. The births of the nine babies – five girls and four boys weighing 500g to 1kg – were announced on Tuesday. With a press release issued by the Ministry of Financial Health.

Professor Youssef Alaoui, medical director of the Ain Barja clinic in Casablanca, said that this type of birth is “very rare, it is exceptional”, without being able to confirm that this was a world record. The medically verified world record dates back to 2009, when American Nadia Soliman – who has since been called “Octomum” – gave birth to eight babies at the age of 33.

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