The compulsory quarantine to enter France will be extended to several countries, including Turkey

The compulsory quarantine to enter France will be extended to several countries, including Turkey

The measure will go into effect on Saturday at midnight, a A government source told France Press.

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Travelers from several additional countries will have to observe a mandatory ten-day quarantine upon arrival in France, to combat an epidemic Covid-19, Confirmed the Minister of Health on Friday, May 7. This restriction, which already applies to India and Brazil, applies to Turkey and several countries. “In the immediate vicinity of India”Olivier Ferrand explained. A government source at Agence France-Presse said the measure would take effect at midnight on Saturday.

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This restriction will also apply to Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. Travelers from these areas must present evidence when the PCR test of less than 36 hours arrives. On this point, “Tolerance will be granted this weekend to the new countries involved.”The same government source told AFP.

Passengers must inform the airline of the location of the quarantine in France, with supporting documents. However, this quarantine is accompanied by permission to leave between 10 am and noon. Any offender will be liable to a fine of between 1,000 and 1,500 euros if the offense is repeated. Government spokesman Gabriel Atal said on Wednesday that ‘1,500 checks’ Already done “Of people in quarantine and a fine of 141 people”.

These additional measures come with the outbreak of the epidemic in India, which this week recorded nearly half of the global cases, and in its neighboring countries. Turkey is seeing a decrease in the number of cases, but at a high threshold (an average of 27,000 cases per day).

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