Video producer Damien Haller looks at Will SG with unusual perspectives.

Video producer Damien Haller looks at Will SG with unusual perspectives.

Videos are circulating online showing Will from unfamiliar points of view. Damien Haller, a resident of the Old Town, called her. The young entrepreneur is just beginning to indulge in self-employment.

Leap Towards Professional Independence: 35-year-old Damien Haller starts as a video producer with his own company.

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When moviegoers are dazzled by a thrilling plot, Damien Haller also looks at the screen. His interest is on something else: “Sometimes, in the first fifty minutes, I only care about cuts and camera angles, and I hardly notice the action.” One of the passions of the 35-year-old is the art of film editing. It’s about his second passion: making music. Occasionally, he spends several hours trying to find the right piece of music for a clip. Sometimes he plays music himself on his guitar and digital software.

Post processing mode وضع

In the rhythm and mood of the melody, his shots of a clip are stitched together to form a composition. “I need three to six hours for one minute of film for post-production.” Sometimes, whether a clip is clipped in time is about tenths of a second, and this confirms the passionate video producer.

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Damien Haller describes himself as an idealistic person and also as a very sensitive person. These personality traits combined with his talent for powerful visuals and storylines create well-formed clips with his signature.

The producer of clips is always looking for options for improvement, for example in the water. “I swim a kilometer every day.” This type of movement is very useful for him and helps him think about his projects and new solutions for them.

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Good arrangement book

The current project is to set up a video production company. For a long time he was filming and making clips for small and medium enterprises, politicians and public clients. “I now have many tasks with which to immerse myself in self-employment,” says Old Town resident Damien Haller.

First movie experience

His fondness for great performance started years ago with wedding videos between relatives and friends. Appropriate software enabled him to cut original compositions from graphic materials. He describes himself as a classic self who learned a lot of movies on YouTube and from audiobooks. training in toxic; fm And also at Tele Ostschweiz complements his experience.

perfect childhood

Damien Haller’s roots in the Backpack. In an interview with Hallowil, he talks about his childhood in a poetic rural community, far from traffic and urban centers: “It’s a somewhat idyllic world.”


After leaving school, he completed his training as a sporting goods seller at Will. This was followed by two long stays in New Zealand, which impressed him very much. More trips will follow, he’s sure of. He worked as a dispatcher for a bicycle delivery service in St. Gallen for eight years. Passion for artistic installations and music was always present in the background. Now he wants to make his profession his primary occupation.

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