Video: Mysterious fish washed up in the depths of the sea on the California coast

Video: Mysterious fish washed up in the depths of the sea on the California coast

Pictures that appear to be from a movie. An exotic fish known as “Pacific Football Fish” washed the shores of Crystal Cove State Park in Newport Beach, California on May 7. An amazing discovery because this type of fishing fish usually lives more than 2000 meters below sea level.

Pictures, which were shared at the beginning of compte Instagram du Crystal Cove State ParkI immediately caught the attention of the media, which then came in large numbers to seeAnimal closer.

The football fish, scientifically called Himantolophidae, belongs to a family of abyssal fish well known to sea floor explorers, but it is very rare to see one on land.

Their teeth, like sharp shards of glass, are transparent and their disproportionately large mouths are able to absorb and swallow prey completely. Males are known to cling to females with their teeth and are considered “sexual parasites”.

Male footballfish do not nest or gather food either. As for food, it depends on the female by clinging firmly to the female.

The female leads, the male follows

Therefore, soccer fish is the one who takes care of everything. Even more surprisingly, the female soccer ball raises and feeds several males simultaneously.

The stranded specimen was recovered by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, the California agency responsible for preserving native fish, plants, and animals.

Scientists from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, who will study fish closely, have provided more details about the disparities between males and females.

He said that females of this species are known to have bioluminescent limbs, like headlights that would blind mosquitoes, paralyze prey.

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