The head of the Paris Hospital Medical Committee expects "three or four difficult months".

The head of the Paris Hospital Medical Committee expects “three or four difficult months”.

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12h13 : “Special activities are permitted within a 10 km radius from the house and are limited to a maximum of one hour., Including sports, defines the province. The curfew lasts on weekdays from 7 PM to 5 AM, and on weekends from Saturday 7 PM to Monday 5 AM. A certificate is required for travel.

12 Q12 : In the face of the new outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, Guyana Province announced “Thematic confinement.” Set up from Friday for 15 days.

(Tibod Ferman / Hans Lucas via AFP)

12 Q 03 : midday! Here is the update:

The bloody conflict between Israel and Hamas continues Israeli strikes on the Gaza Strip And the launch of rockets from the Islamic movement towards the Hebrew state. Riots also broke out in Jewish-Arab towns in Israel, prompting the Israeli Defense Minister to order the “massive” deployment of security forces there.

• The gendarme has it He called for witnesses To try to expel the heavily armed fugitive who had been hiding in the Seifen forest for 48 hours, after he shot his boss and one of his colleagues at the sawmill where he was working.

• A fire broke out at a classified industrial site by Seveso in Pezons (Val d’Oise) in the Parisian suburbs. It was not immediately known that there were any evacuations or injuries

France, which is preparing to reopen next week, offers about 20 million first injections in mid-May despite discontent with the AstraZeneca vaccine. And this is not likely to change: this vaccine should already be booked for more than 55 years, Yesterday the Supreme Health Authority ruled.

11 x 54 : Effective May 19, theme parks are permitted to reopen to the public. But they will have to wait until June 9 to open their attractions. Result: So Parc Astérix decided to postpone its opening, Report our friends from France 3 Hauts-de-France.

11h03 : Embed a Tweet It should also be remembered that Cese’s counseling was about the vaccination passport, not the health permit as you might think. Important nuance: a vaccination passport requires the individual to be vaccinated to reach certain places, while a negative polymerase chain reaction test or a covid-cure certificate will be sufficient. With the health card project I mentioned it by the government. Referendum, Posted on May 5 by BFMTVAlso on this topic: 63% of respondents said (according to the representative quota method this time), they support this project.

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11 Q 02 : good morning Embed a Tweet And thank you for your comment. I will try to be as complete as possible: The Cese has already launched a consultation at the beginning of the year on the topic of vaccination permissibility, during which 70% of respondents have already responded. Conflict this action, Such as We reported it after that. But it was a consultation open to all, and a survey was not conducted while respecting the quota method to ensure that respondents were represented in relation to the population: in this case, opponents or supporters of this project could be mobilized to influence the results in one direction or another.

11 Q 02 : Ow franceinfo who publishes messages suited to good intentions. It is disappointing to see journalists bend to our leaders in believing that the French will be in order to obtain a health permit while the EESC’s consultation with the French said the opposite (nearly 70% of the French are totally against this pass).

10 Q 26 : “It’s chaos here! Hospitals are overcrowded, we are all terrified and scared.” In response to a question from franceinfo, Isabelle makes no secret of her concern. Like her, a dozen French high school teachers are in India He asked to be able to return to France to escape the wave of pollution To Covid-19 in the country. However, most of them do not meet the exact criteria set by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. And if they leave the country without permission, they will lose their position there.

10h15 : “We are entering a period of danger” This morning’s BFMTV guest, President of the Medical Committee of Paris Hospitals, Remy Salomon, appreciated that “A period of three or four months that is difficult to skip.” Because of the progressive relaxation of the restrictive measures. “If we pollinate a lot, we can spend the summer without a fourth wave.”He wants to believe the doctor who first spoke without a mask on a TV set.

09h42 Directors of four public theaters, including the Odeon in Paris, He called last night to me “Raise the professions” That is the subject of many cultural places in France, while they are “The re-opening was granted on May 19.”.

09h17 The museums remain closed, but behind the scenes teams are busy reopening the sites on May 19. Corinne Jimmett It returns in an article on the Parisian exhibitions Which was postponed or opened shortly before booking, and has now been extended.

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(Corinne Jumet / France Info)

09h15 : The health pass is clear, it will be imposed in any case all over the world …. There is no insult to the indomitable French miners who will stay at home for once …..

09h15 : Favorable if control of the epidemic can be reconciled with activity and life for all. On the other hand, it will stop when the epidemic is behind us in a few months. We all hope so with the vaccine.

09h15 Another maneuver to impose a vaccine …

09h15 : I fully support the Health Corridor! This would be one of the ways to create a “normal” life! Without this, there would be a lot of pollution. Additionally, vaccination is not required as a negative PCR test will suffice!

09h15 I am against: our vaccine has become mandatory. This also presumes leaving our travel data available, as it is a setback for our individual freedoms. I find that between attacks, covid, we are not vigilant enough.

09h 14 : The comments received are largely supportive of the possible implementation of the sewage corridor, with some even calling for the generalization of all internal activities. The few unfavorable reactions to this project raise fear of compulsory vaccination (which is not the case, a recent negative PCR test can replace a vaccination certificate), or fear that authorities will collect data from geolocation (which is impossible to my knowledge: transcript The electronic certificate, on the TousAntiCovid app, does not use the phone’s GPS data at all but only Bluetooth, which does not allow the user to determine the geolocation).

09h 12 : Here’s the latest in the news at 9 am:

Tension is not abating in Israel. The Israeli airport authorities said that all flights to Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv have been rerouted until further notice, days after rockets were launched from the Gaza Strip.

France, which is preparing to reopen next week, offers about 20 million first injections in mid-May despite discontent with the AstraZeneca vaccine. And this is not likely to change: this vaccine should already be booked for more than 55 years, Yesterday the Supreme Health Authority ruled.

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• Nimes’ attorney general, Eric Morell, summoned the 29-year-old man who fled in the woods, in Sevin, after his boss and colleague were killed, To return to their senses and lay down their weapons.. Here’s what we know about the constant stalking.

Paris was frightened but passed by anyway. Paris SG qualified last night For the Coupe de France final By beating Montpellier 2-2, 6 shots on goal to 5, in Montpellier.

08h57 : “This crisis has indeed been an indicator and amplifier of social inequalities of poverty.” Franceinfo guest, EELV Vice President and President of the National Council for Policies to Combat Poverty and Social Exclusion Fiona Lazar Returns to the report published yesterday by CNLE. The text indicates an explosion of inequality and precarious situations, be they economic, psychological, or even scholastic.

08h38 : And you, what do you think of the possibility of creating a health card? Let’s remember the facts: The government wants to prepare this card, which will certify that we have been vaccinated against Covid-19, that we have recently tested negative or have recovered from the disease. , For access to major events. It brings together more than 1000 people. However, this device will not extend to everyday activities such as going to restaurants, museums or shopping.

08:35 : The Cnil who regrets having to pronounce it “In such a short time” On the topic of the health permit, Also insist on the need to prepare a paper format From these testimonials “In order to ensure that everyone is included in the system”.

08:35 : Yes but. Cnil, French data protection officer, Last night she said she was in favor of the temporary creation of a health card. Nevertheless, it calls for additional safeguards to be introduced to the system, particularly to determine the places and events in which it can be imposed.

08h 14 Lives in Boulogne-sur-Mer (Pas de Calais). The following might interest you: The city’s vaccination center, located at the Palais des Sports Damrémont, will remain open on Saturdays and Sundays until 10pm. He hopes to welcome 5,400 people this weekend. Explains their manager Caroline Bray on franceinfo. These nights are in the “trial phase” to try to vaccinate activists more easily.

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