VIDÉO. Ça s'est passé un 14 juillet : la première victoire du XV de France en Nouvelle-Zélande

Video. It happened on July 14: France’s first 15th victory in New Zealand

He wrote, as a symbol, that it should be the day of the French national holiday that fifteenth of France He will win for the first time on New Zealand soil. Until then, the Blues had never achieved such a feat against the legendary All Blacks. Since 1906 and the first official confrontation between the two teams, there have been only three small victories attributed to the Blues, all thus on French soil, compared to 12 for New Zealand. So on July 14, 1979, the fifteenth moved from France to Eden Park in Auckland for a second match, a week after suffering a severe defeat against the same opponents in Christchurch (23-9). They are on a tour of the land of the long white cloud, with au a program Eight matches, including two against the famous All Blacks.

On that day, France will take its opponents by the throat, as if they were overtaken. Averous, Caussade, Codorniou, and Gallion will go to the lady while Caussade and Aguirre’s foot will give the score a greater measure. So much so that in the hour of play, Jean-Pierre Rives’ teammates are leading by 24 to 10 and seem well on their way to that feat. The New Zealanders will get the score, but France will fight back and win 24 to 19. It is a historical precedent. Since then, France fifteenth has emerged victorious only three times on New Zealand soil. That was in 1994 (twice) and 2009. The latter is still at present, the last tricolor victory over New Zealand. Twelve years of famine.

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