video.  Amazing hat-trick against a New Zealand footballer’s camp

video. Amazing hat-trick against a New Zealand footballer’s camp

Michaela Moore has undoubtedly returned, in spite of herself, to the Book of Records.

The New Zealand soccer player had a nightmare on Sunday during the Sheppells Cup, a friendly tournament, against the United States held in Carson (California).

It’s simple: Unfortunately, she found the net three times… for her team in less than the first half against the double world champion.

A “triple” of csc (5th, 6th, 36th) which would have been perfect had it occurred on the other surface, as Meikayla Moore scored with three different body surfaces to deceive her goalkeeper: a failed right-footed clearance, a left-footed skewed cross , turning the head.

Three actions in which his unlucky goalkeeper Eren Nieler, who played in the French women’s D2 under the Grenoble Foot 38 shirt (2017), and then in the D1 under the Bordeaux colors (2017-2020), could do nothing.

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The 25-year-old, who plays in defense at Liverpool, is overwhelmed by this new fate development, being replaced (40) by a move by her coach, not without consolation by her teammates.

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Without her, the New Zealanders would not have performed much better, conceding two more goals after the break (51, 90).

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