Federal 2 - The shock of the exclusion in Le Havre

Federal 2 – The shock of the exclusion in Le Havre

Federal 2 – Le Havre was eliminated from the race for Federal Race 1. Curb on their draft.

The residents of Le Havre were dumbfounded as they raced to the final stages of Federal Championship 2. An attempt by Tulle ceded in the 78th minute put an end to the adventure. This fall in front of the finish line, in this playoff, produced a disappointment that was ultimately more or less consistent with what their journey had been like. The sailors showed themselves bound by a characteristic imperfection. As for their opponents’ land, they took advantage of the critical advantage opportunities, but did not change them. They gave way to doubt and bad luck, and this team and club, to leave behind a sense of untapped potential. She finished fifth, but managed to play fourth. Its administrative structure did not help it. Failure by its leaders in relation to arbitration obligations has resulted in the company being penalized by a three-point loss in the rankings. Here you get lost in the mystery of Korez who showed that she has the key. “It’s the shock, Co-chair Olivier Doutreleau’s reaction. I didn’t sleep all night. We are capable of better and worse. I was really disgusted with this exclusion. But you have to bounce right away. There was plan A and plan B, success or failure. Plan B must be activated.

Two new coaches?

While this Le Havre club has a big budget of just over a million euros, set up for two years with two hundred companies to persuade, this exclusion is the first knife-kick in the growth plan that officials envision. They had planned to increase over two years. Last season, they politely rejected the administrative boost offered by the Federation, on the grounds that they did not consider themselves sufficiently prepared to play at Federal 1. They were not judged by their season at Federal 2. They had just failed to achieve their goal despite very favorable climbing conditions, due to reform competitions. They will leave next season in a classic formation, with fewer contenders of their size, but also fewer winning places. The club there will play the dynamic it carries until then. “I wouldn’t agree not to ride next season, President Olivier Dutrilo warns. I will take all of my responsibilities. The club must move forward. » According to the first elements put forward, stability should prevail. Player interviews will begin. The group must remain as a whole. Technical staff will be completed. After New Zealander PJ Didlow returns home, very advanced discussions are underway with the duo of coaches responsible. Other employees can be integrated into the new version.

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