Victor Vito brise le silence concernant son avenir !

Victor Vito breaks the silence on his future!

Victor Vito arrived at Stade Rochelais in 2016 from Hurricanes, New Zealand’s three-quarters international hub, and his contract will expire next June.

In an interview with the newspaper the teamthe player from Maritimes indicated that it should not be extended by Stade Rochelais management.

The 35-year-old made it clear that he would have to end his career. Extract:

“Almost certainly, I will leave Stade Rochelais,” he assured us with a smile. And perhaps I would stop my career. »

Victor Vito makes it clear that he still wants to play as much as ever. But physically, it becomes very complicated for him. Extract:

“In my head, I’m still 24, but my body isn’t what it used to be, I have a little bit of arthritis, a little pain in one shoulder, and a bigger pain in the knee that hurts after every game. Some mornings, I wake up, and I say to myself: Today Not bad.After two or three hours, I felt pain again.

With our physiotherapists and physical preparation, we set up a type of physical training to work the muscles around the knee. In this way, you helped me quite a bit in the weekend game. But in a week I can’t do everything in training, especially after 80 minutes of playing. It’s frustrating, but I have to save everything for Saturday. Then my body needs to recover until Tuesday. I had to take all of that into account. »

Also, Victor Vito wants to help his wife more in everyday life. Extract:

“I want to help my wife more with raising our three kids. If I was an island, without a family, I’d still play rugby, but I’m not an island (sic). I also saw during my recent trip to New Zealand that my parents were a little bit older, and I want them to share more of The moments with our children, to have real memories.

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I have planned to spend next Christmas in New Zealand, with my parents and in-laws, it has been a very long time since I did, and I miss him. We know it’s time to enjoy our family a little more. But in principle we intend to go back to France at a steady pace and stay here for another two or three years, at least until the 2023 World Cup. Admittedly I’m not French, but I’m no longer the same as I was on arrival. I learned a lot culturally here. »

After Zeno Kieft, Kévin Gourdon and Wiaan Liebenberg, Stade Rochelais is on the verge of losing a third streak.

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