Rugby, football and combat sports .. Beware of concussion among athletes

Rugby, football and combat sports .. Beware of concussion among athletes

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09:13, 4 November 2021

As former New Zealand rugby player Karl Heymann, 42, revealed on Wednesday that he has severe dementia, neurologist Jean-Claude Chermann is sounding the alarm about the consequences of a concussion. The risk is not limited to professionals only, it is far from it.

A disease that can strike athletes of all levels, regardless of discipline. Former New Zealand rugby player Karl Heyman revealed, on Wednesday, that he is 42 years old and suffers from dementia. This former All Blacks column, who played in Toulon and coached Pau, along with more than 150 other players attacks the world rugby authorities for negligence in managing concussions experienced by players. For neurologist Jean-Claude Chermann, awareness of the danger of head trauma, which began 15 years ago in professional rugby, should be extended to all contact sports and at the amateur level.

‘We’re not ignoring a concussion’

“The key word is: ‘We do not ignore a concussion,'” Europe 1 microphone insists. In the event of a shock causing a concussion, ‘we leave the field immediately and do not resume if we no longer have not fully recovered, it is essential! Because for the specialist, precisely when the athletes leave again with symptoms (headache, loss of consciousness, confusion, memory loss, dizziness, etc.) it is a disaster,” he said.

Danger of “long-term neurodegenerative disease”?

“There are a lot of athletes who keep playing without telling anyone when they have a headache, are tired, etc. Their brains suffer, but they don’t talk about it because for them it’s a bit taboo. But after a while they realize they can’t go on and that There is a real problem.” And Jean-Claude Cherman reminds us: “If we keep playing with concussion, that’s where we risk the brain damage that will continue, and why it doesn’t cause long-term neurodegenerative disease.”

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