VESA states that DisplayHDR 2000 certification does not exist

VESA states that DisplayHDR 2000 certification does not exist

The company bud Wanted to clarify one point, it determines that the testimony HDR 2000 display Does not exist. What conflicts with the connection works on the Samsung Odyssey G9 and Acer EI491CRG9 monitors, which many (including us) have announced the approval of DisplayHDR 2000. The simple reason is that the current highest certification is DisplayHDR 1400, and VESA does not exclude any change to its certification, but this will not It happens instantly.

Vesahdr2000 display screen

Last week, Chinese retail site Taobao listed two displays with the VESA Certified “DisplayHDR 2000” logo: an updated Samsung Odyssey G9 and a new Acer EI491CRG9 display. In addition, several media outlets reported that these monitors have been “DisplayHDR 2000” certified by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA). VESA would like to clarify matters about this development. There is no “DisplayHDR 2000” standard in the VESA DisplayHDR specification and logo software at this time.

VESA is not aware of the origin of the DisplayHDR 2000 logo currently displayed on these screen menus on the Taobao website. However, VESA takes any abuse of its trademarks and logos very seriously. VESA does not endorse the use of this logo until the DisplayHDR 2000 level has been officially announced by VESA and the products that claim to meet this level have not been formally approved by VESA and are listed on our website. / Certified products /.

In order for to display DisplayHDR 2000, any use of this logo must be deemed unsupported and misleading. (Official postage translated by DeepL).

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