Moon, NASA relies on Elon Musk from SpaceX to bring the first woman on the Artemis mission, and Bezos defeats the Amazon.

Moon, NASA relies on Elon Musk from SpaceX to bring the first woman on the Artemis mission, and Bezos defeats the Amazon.

There is talk of really making a comeback Colors, Dare to go further MarsOn the table are tens of billions of dollars, and around the table are precisely the most famous billionaires Terra, But in the meantime NASA First, it must respect the increasingly stifling American doctrine of political correctness. Hence, to announce a historic agreement, the US Space Agency immediately affirms in the first lines of the note that: a) The new first step on the moon will be left to the woman (as President Obama said already in 2009, whether anyone at all. Forget it); B) In the group of New Pioneers there will definitely be someone of color. content.

After completing this mandatory mission, we can also assume the name and surname of this first woman to jump to the moon in 2024 or at least by 2028 thanks to NASA’s choice to count on. SpaceX From Elon Musk To write a new chapter in space exploration entitled Artemis, a woman, indeed a goddess, and twin sister of Apollo who landed the glory of the 1960s and 1970s missions. And it would actually be a spaceship Starship Of the patron Tesla To ask astronauts amid dusty pits and patience if the stars and stripes would appear skewed in relation to the SpaceX logo despite the $ 2.9 billion (2.4 billion euros) of American taxpayers who were recovered in musk to carry out the last leg of the flight the Earth / Moon flight and back.


And since you can play a cent on the person who will support you Nile Armstrong In our dreams, we focus on Texas Loral O’Hara, 36, one of six women in a group of the last 14 astronauts selected by NASA in 2017 out of nearly 18,300 super-candidates. O’Hara is a phenomenon, and it goes without saying, and she is the only one of the six fellows who have graduated from university Bordeaux, In Indiana, the birthplace of astronauts. And in the missions that NASA has carried out so far, a third of the components come from the huge campus West Lafayette, Including not only Armstrong, but also Jane CernanOr, the first and last guy out of 12 people who walked on the moon from 1969 to 1972. Americans are crazy about statistics, so Loral O’Hara is our name in the hat, sorry, in the helmet.

This is embellished news NASA-SpaceX agreement Why They delegate to a private individual the role that so far only government agencies have played, if we are talking about extraterrestrial missions. Among other things, this does not mean that this agreement is reverberating harmoniously in Europe and especially in Italy, but this has happened since business leaders such as Musk, Bezos or Branson decided to focus on space, free to spend, given that for every dollar invested in Space goes back 3 to 8, not to mention that Musk’s visions of the planets don’t carry – for him – an unworthy price. Not to mention, individuals should not be begging for congressional cash and wander into the jungle of bureaucracy.

In short: NASA, counting on the support of the new president BidenShe found herself facing a massive downturn in funding and sent the match between Spacex by Musk, the second richest man in the world, to the cards; Blue origin In gif Bezos (Amazon), The richest, captain of the national team that includes giants such as Grumman and Lockheed Martin are already experts in human spaceflight, and American Dynetics, which in turn signed an agreement last year with the Italian company Thales Alenia Space (French Thales) 67% and Leonardo 33%) .

HLS unit

The goal is to build a future lunar module (Lem of Apollo missions) now called Hls (Human Landing System). However, NASA found itself in its pocket, for these specifications of the Artemis project, only $ 850 million, which is a pittance, it wouldn’t even build three of the 200 planned USAF F22 fighters. So Project Dynetics appeared immediately and among the other competitors, which is technically equal, SpaceX won because it was cheaper. The lineup has been calibrated through 2024, but it will be a miracle, as it expects astronauts to travel aboard NASA’s small Orion spacecraft propelled by an SLS rocket ($ 1 billion per launch) into lunar orbit, and then recharge on its shimmering mask and powerful Starship to descend To the moon and then ascend again to Orion. The truth is that NASA’s historic policy of one step at a time (step-by-step) looks dull compared to riding a mask: both the Orion and above all else the SLS are late, While SpaceX, driven by the dollar and the enthusiasm of the South African genius, times are burning. In fact, even the spacecraft tested so far (11 failures out of 11) burn or shatter, but it’s a reusable spaceship missile only seen so far in the movies.

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Super missile

There is a danger or hope – she says – that Musk, who recently self-styled “Emperor of Mars,” doesn’t need anyone to go (with more crews) directly to the moon, because he’s already building rockets too and he’s also got a giant in the pipeline. Big Falcon Rocket (What Musk calls among friends with another word that begins with an “f” and ends with “ing”). Moreover, the agreement with NASA appears to place the international orbiting station project on the hidden side of the moon Moon gate, Is always included in Artemis and with strong European and Italian participation (Samantha Cristoforetti He deals with it, in particular), now defined as “inconclusive” by NASA to land on the satellite orbiting the home of new astronauts in an eccentric way.

The ancient continent can be rebuilt by building the lunar bases which we are already in the lead thanks toItalian Space Agency (AroundWith the agreements already signed, but it seems that we have already seen the first black person and the first woman from NASA on the surface of the moon who, from the small openings to those semi-underground bunkers, welcomes the musk rockets that engage the sixth and mark the path towards Mars, the final destination. True to the rich man, whatever the cost.

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