Very Special Launch: 130GB, Unlimited SMS & Minutes for only 7.99€

Crazy Offer From Very Mobile –

Less than €8 per month to get 130GB, unlimited texts and minutes. This is a very special promotion for Very Mobile.

Crazy Promotion from Very Mobile –

Less than 8 euros per month and a lot of money

If you do not switch to very mobileThis is the right month! New customers from 1 to 25 October 2021 very mobile Those who activate a new number or coming from some operators, will be able to activate the new rechargeable mobile phone offer Very special a 7.99 euros per month.

With Very Special you have unlimited minutes every month to all local numbers, unlimited text messages to all local numbers and 130 GB of mobile internet traffic on the 4G network fino a 30 Mbps download e fino a 30 Mbps upload a 7.99 € per month With the deduction of the remaining credit.

Offer to all users who come from Iliad, FastWeb, CoopVoce, PosteMobile and some virtual operators (except for Kena Mobile, ho. Mobile and Spusu) who want to activate a new portability immediately.

It is possible to activate and deactivate the Auto Top up service at any time.

Activation fee is free. In stores, the cost of a new rechargeable SIM is 5 euros.

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Who is Very Mobile?

very mobile It is a prepaid rechargeable mobile phone service from the telephone operator Wind Tre SpA (C.K. Hutchison Group), and therefore it The second consumer brand WindTre, which are used by your network in a 4G as far as 30 Mbps Both in download and upload.

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Ferry Mobile offers can also be used in Roaming in the European Union and the UK at no additional cost for a maximum monthly data traffic as required under the roaming regulation such as roaming at home, while minutes and SMS can be used entirely in all EU countries. The following are the gigabytes available in EU roaming for the whole of 2021: 4.4 gigabytes per month for very special.

What if you exceed the available giga?

no fear! Once you exceed the gigs included in the offers, navigation is blocked until the next renewal, unless you decide to renew the offer in advance at its monthly cost.

Virtual Player Offers IncludeCharge the bid costs on the remaining balanceWith the possibility of activating the automatic filling service at any time.

In case Insufficient balance to renewOffer will be held until sufficient refill to cover cost.

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Included in the costs you will also have…

On-demand services are included at no additional cost I searched for you NS RingMe, while appearing Activation of paid services is prohibited by default, which can be unlocked later via the official app. It is also available for free VoLTE service (on compatible devices).

So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on this great promotion. Find all the details on official site.

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