Venezuelan government mentions 'partial agreements' with opposition during negotiations in Mexico

Venezuelan government mentions ‘partial agreements’ with opposition during negotiations in Mexico

According to the Venezuelan government, talks with the opposition are fruitful. Nicolás Maduro’s regime confirmed, Saturday 4 September, his arrival “Partial Agreements” During the second day of negotiations in Mexico City. These discussions, under the auspices of Norway, are aimed at finding a solution to the country’s dramatic political and economic crisis, and initially to ensure the participation of Maduro’s opponents in the regional elections in November.

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However, no indication was given of the content of these agreements, and according to an opposition source in an interview with Agence France-Presse (AFP), “So far nothing has been agreed upon.”

“We basically worked on partial agreements, especially regarding the fate of the Venezuelan people.”Venezuelan National Assembly speaker and head of the government delegation, Jorge Rodriguez, told reporters after the talks on Saturday.

Government “very attentive” For all the economic guarantees that have been made “Kidnapped, Overridden, Stolen, Taken from the People of Venezuela”He added that Maduro is seeking a partial, if not completely, lifting of sanctions in exchange for concessions to the opposition. Both Washington and Brussels have raised the possibility of lifting it if the Venezuelan government makes further concessions.

Agreement on “emergency response”

Earlier, the opposition delegation said it expected “fast strings” with government officials. These conventions “We will seek to mitigate the crisis, but the crisis comes from very serious underlying problems, from a failed model in Venezuela which does not recognize the democratic system and the constitutional order.”And announced before the meeting, the head of the opposition delegation, Gerardo Blade. that it “A process that begins, which is difficult and complex”.

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“We in Mexico are looking for a national bailout agreement to respond to the emergency, get the conditions for free and fair elections and save our democracy.”Tweeted by the opposition leader, Juan Guaido, who continues to show his nickname “interim president” of Venezuela, even if his credibility is lost due to repeated scandals.

After previous attempts at negotiations failed, notable achievements have lit up hopes for success: Opposition parties that boycotted the 2018 legislative elections and the 2020 presidential elections confirmed on Tuesday that they would participate in regional and local elections events from November 21. In addition, the opposition reaffirmed the agreements reached on August 13 in a joint memorandum during the first round of talks in Mexico City.

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