Fly a plane through a tunnel?  Driver Dario Costa did it

Fly a plane through a tunnel? Driver Dario Costa did it

Flying – flying through a tunnel. Italian pilot Dario Costa became the first Pilot Officially flying a plane through a tunnel in the Tunnel Pass system near Istanbul, Turkey, on Saturday, September 4th.

The exploitation took place in two tunnels on the Northern Marmara Highway, Catalca Mevki. in controls a racing plane A specially modified Zivko Edge 540, Dario Costa took off in the first tunnel at 6:43 a.m. local time, maintaining an altitude of less than one meter (See the video above).

Then he left this 360-meter tunnel to enter a second tunnel 360 meters away, a maneuver that he performed perfectly despite the transverse winds.

Several records were broken

Dario Costa traveled through the second tunnel of 1,160 meters at an average speed of 245 km/h before exiting. The flight time in both tunnels is 43.44 seconds. Celebrate his achievement by performing a 360-degree loop.

The pilot won the Guinness World Cup record The longest tunnel that an airplane has crossed. He also broke four other records: the first plane flight in a tunnel, the longest flight under a solid obstacle, the first plane flight in two tunnels, and the first plane to take off from a tunnel.

With more than two decades of flying experience and many flying feats to his credit, the 41-year-old has flown more than 5,000 flying hours, more than half of which are in high-performance aerobatics.

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