#VaxLive: Emmanuel Macron responds to Selena Gomez and announces that vaccines will be sent to Africa

#VaxLive: Emmanuel Macron responds to Selena Gomez and announces that vaccines will be sent to Africa

After the star connection comes the president’s announcement. On Sunday, Emmanuel Macron announced the sending of doses of vaccines against him Covid-19 In Africa. A statement comes the day after a call from singer Selena Gomez calling on many leaders to commit to vaccinating the most disadvantaged groups.

France has just sent the first doses of Covax. These AstraZeneca doses are flying, as I’m talking to you, to West Africa, according to Covax’s fair allocation mechanisms, ”the president said in a video posted on Twitter, referring to the program Covax, an initiative that ensures access to vaccines for everyone. Countries of the world.

“Time to share. […] Our health is also at stake in the poorest countries, ”explains the president, one year after launching ACT-A, System to accelerate access to anti-Covid-19 tools. Our most vulnerable populations are gradually being covered, and we will receive more and more vaccinations. We have many means to accelerate our solidarity, which includes donating doses. “

“Our goal, through these donations, is to allow all countries, especially in Africa, to vaccinate their highest priority populations, starting with health workers,” added Emmanuel Macron.

Large disparities in global immunization

Saturday American singer Selena Gomez appealed to Emmanuel Macron And other world leaders to encourage them to commit to redistributing vaccines to the poorest people. On May 8th, the superstar will host a “Vax Live” party with Jennifer Lopez and the Foo Fighters to raise money for vaccination funding worldwide.

While most poor countries are now starting to get vaccinated, thanks mainly to the Covax mechanism (WHO, Gavi Alliance, and Cepi Coalition), vaccination remains a privilege for the “high income” countries as defined by the World Bank, which host 16% of the Humans, however, are concentrated 47% of the injected doses in the world.

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Worldwide, 12.9 doses (first and second) have been administered per 100 people. But this figure masks strong disparities: 1.2 doses per 100 people in Africa, compared to 64 in the US / Canada and 26 in Europe.

Twelve countries have not yet vaccinated: seven in Africa (Tanzania, Madagascar, Burkina Faso, Chad, Burundi, Central African Republic, Eritrea), three in Oceania (Vanuatu, Samoa, Kiribati), one in Asia (North Korea) and one. In the Caribbean (Haiti).

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