Agnes Panier Ronacher criticizes “a quarter of the generals in Charentes who call for an uprising”

Agnes Panier Ronacher criticizes “a quarter of the generals in Charentes who call for an uprising”



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Franceinfo guest, Monday, April 26th, Agnes-Pannier Ronacher, Minister Delegate in Charge of Industry, condemned this “without reservation.” The platform launched by former officer Jean-Pierre Fabre Bernadac who particularly denounces the “disintegration” that will strike the nation.

About twenty generals, a hundred high-ranking officers and more than a thousand other soldiers published a column on Wednesday at Current values Where they asked Emmanuel Macron to defend the values ​​of civilization against it ‘Suburban crowd’. Franceinfo guest on Monday, April 26th, Agnes Panier Ronacher, Delegate Minister in charge of Industry, “They unreservedly condemned the program of the quarter of generals in Charentes calling for an uprising.”.

“60 years since the day after the generals’ coup against General de Gaulle, all of this is not free, Denotes the minister. She noticed how quickly Marine Le Pen joined and invited these generals to join her. ”

“C’est une insulte pour l’armée et les valeurs qu’elle porte. Les masques tombent et le vernis craque: Marine Le Pen c’est l’extrême droite et c’est très exactement le même schéma qu’il ya 60 Year.”

Agnès Pannier-Runacher

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This platform, launched by former officer Jean-Pierre Fabre-Bernadac, is particularly deplorable ‘Disintegration’ That would hit the homeland. “We are ready to support the policies that will take into consideration the protection of the nation.”, Add the two locations. Two days later, Valeurs Actuelles posted a response from Marine Le Pen: “I invite you to join our work to take part in the battle that begins.”, I wrote.

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For her part, Minister of the Armed Forces, Florence Parly, ruled this forum “Irresponsible”. “The armies are not there to campaign but to defend France”She said Sunday evening on Twitter.

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