Das sind die schönsten Liebesfilme auf Netflix zum Valentinstag 2021 findet ihr in dieser Übersicht.

Valentine’s Day 2021: The most beautiful Valentine’s Day movies on Netflix

Valentine’s Day 2021 Standing at the door and partner or not, it’s the best happy time love movies running Netflix Watch. Make yourself comfortable on the sofa and engage in romance and heartbreak.

Besides adults Classics She is also many new In-house productions From the broadcast service. Here’s an overview of the best Valentine’s Day love movies for you!

“To all the boys I’ve loved before” – Teil 1,2 und 3

For an inexplicable reason, Lara Jeans sent secret love letters to her five loved ones. Over the course of the movie series “To all the boys” Young Lara Jane finds herself again and again among the good-looking guys and has to make difficult decisions. Part 3 It appears perfectly right before Valentine’s Day on Netflix.

“Two in a day”

Author of the movie “Two in a dayBy the author of the same name David Nichols Emma and Dexter follow on their journey to each other. After a short college love story, Emma and Dexter go their separate ways, but they meet on the same day each year to compare their progress.

Essie and Aussie

Netflix internal production Essie and Aussie It belongs firmly to the Valentine’s Day program. In order for her parents not to stand in the way of her dream of working as a cook, billionaire daughter Issy (Lisa Vicari) fakes an affair with bankrupt boxer Aussie (Dennis Mugen).

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“Isn’t it romantic?”

An architect alienated from romantic comedy bumps her head and wakes up to her dismay in a cliched and cliched romantic comedy. “Isn’t it romantic?” With Rebel Wilson is wonderfully funny and romantic at the same time.



“The Kissing Booth” – Part 1 & 2

Il’s first kiss ‘Kissing booth’ It leads to a forbidden love affair with the hottest men in high school. This is why she risks her relationship with her best friend. Also in Part 2, Elle has to choose between boyfriend Noah and brother, her best friend. Good news to all fans: Part 3 should appear this year.

Falling Inn Love

A powerful woman from San Francisco leaves city life behind to restore a country guesthouse in New Zealand with the help of an attractive craftsman. Falling Inn Love – A must for all romantics.

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‘The perfect date’

Who hasn’t had enough Netflix hottie Noah CentineoWho should watch this movie. To earn money to study, Brooks offers at ‘The perfect date’ Young women use an app to advertise their services as fake friends. But real feelings get in the way.

“last summer”

“last summer”: Three Chicago teens experience an exciting pre-college summer plagued by dreams, relationships and the search for identity.

“Like one day”

In this movie version of Nicholas Sparks‘ Best seller “Like one day” Two young lovers torn apart by war and class differences in the 1940s.

“I like to visit”

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In Love to Visit, Reese Witherspoon’s mom greets three filmmakers after their breakup. But her husband is determined to get her new, unconventional life off track.

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TitanicThe absolute classic – you don’t have to say more!

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