Vaccination vortex on Harald Schmidt: He's missing from the 'Traumschiff' shoot - people

Vaccination vortex on Harald Schmidt: He’s missing from the ‘Traumschiff’ shoot – people

Since cult director Harald Schmidt, 64, has reportedly not been vaccinated, he may face problems in future filmings of the ZDF series.”The ship of dreamsHe’s not there at the moment either.

︎ Harald Schmidt now reveals why in a Bild interview!

Background: 2G rules apply to current picks on “Traumschiff” running on MS “Amadea” and MS “Artania” in Bremerhaven and Emden. Therefore, passengers must be vaccinated or treated.

But that doesn’t seem to be the case with Harald Schmidt! According to the Neuer Zürcher Zeitung, he “has not been vaccinated and has not recovered.” However, Schmidt called this a “confirmation,” stating only: “I’m on a good and reasonable path to achieving 2G.” Meaning: he will either be vaccinated soon or he is supposed to be sick (and hopefully in some cases a point to recover).

Schmidt and the “Traumschiff” crew: Florian Silbereisen (left) as Captain Max Parger, Daniel Morgenroth (second from left) as Captain Martin Grimm, Collien Ulmen-Fernandes (center) as Dr. Jessica Delgado, Barbara and Sue (right) as Hana LiebholdPhoto: ZDF and Dirk Bartling

Since he is not currently involved in the filming of the Ship of Dreams, rumors soon surfaced about the “banning of the Dream Ship” of the artist, which can still be seen in the series on New Year’s Day.

However, that decision was made independently of his vaccination status, Schmidt now explains when asked by BILD. “We discussed it together at a beloved group in Bremerhaven in August.”

Schmidt confirms, “Of course I’ll be back on board right away when it’s time to go to the warmer regions. South seas, New Zealand and Singapore. My beloved ZDF knows that in our part of the world, it’s too fresh for me in white shorts.”

When asked by BILD, ZDF confirmed the agreement for content reasons. The role of Oskar Schmidt was not included in the script for ‘Das Traumschiff – Mauritius’, so Harald Schmidt has not played in the episode currently being filmed. A spokesperson for Harald Schmidt said, ‘Harald Schmidt has not appeared in every Traumschiff episode in years. Last”.

When asked by BILD, Harald Schmidt did not want to name his specific current vaccination status. Moderator: “Really now, I’ll tell Bild. But this strict data protection…”

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