Use this trick to write your WhatsApp messages without typing them on the keyboard

Use this trick to write your WhatsApp messages without typing them on the keyboard

Are you tired of tapping on your phone screen to write a message in WhatsApp? Discover a technique to type it without typing it on the keyboard: it’s simple, fast and very effective!

When you want to tell the most interesting story to your friends on WhatsApp, you have two solutions: write a long text with your fingertips or refer to a voice message. But now, you may not want to engage in meticulous and tedious writing of your adventures – especially if you want to provide every detail – and you don’t want everyone to hear about your adventures. But there’s a third option you may not have thought about: voice typing. Yes, in WhatsApp as in other apps, you can dictate a message perfectly so that it is automatically converted into text, like magic!

To use this feature, simply open the chat you want to send the message to and then tap the text box. But instead of entering text using the keyboard as usual, tap on the little microphone in the keyboard area in the bar just above the letters/keys – be careful, it’s not the green WhatsApp microphone button which is used to record a voice message! When the signal is “talk now” Your text is displayed and dictated. Speak clearly and calmly into the phone’s microphone. As you speak, the text is automatically typed in French, with the correct spelling, correct accents, correct chords, etc. When you’re done, press the microphone button again to stop dictation. All you have to do is send the message by pressing the WhatsApp send button or delete it if you are not satisfied.

This technology works on Android as well as on iOS. The only difference is that iPhone adds punctuation automatically, while on Android it must be specified. So, when you finish your sentence, just say “period” or “question mark,” then declare a “capital letter” to write and place it at the beginning of the word. You can also choose the format, such as saying “online,” and insert smileys by saying “wink smiley.”

Please note that this may not work on Android and an error message may be displayed: “Permission not granted to enable: Voice input…” If so, go to your device Settings, then Manage Apps, then tap Permissions. Go to “Microphone,” where you’ll find three sections: “Always Allowed,” “Only Allowed During Use,” and “Not Allowed.” Tap the three little dots at the top right to see the system apps. Then find the Gboard app and select the “Only allowed if app is in use” option.

Because in fact, the voice typing function does not depend on the WhatsApp application, but on your mobile keyboard. On the majority of Android devices, this is Gboard, which is Google’s app, but most high-end mobile keyboards, like SwiftKey, generally have this functionality. Therefore, you can take advantage of it in many applications: SMS, Facebook Messenger, Outlook, Gmail… Others, like Outlook, have their own function for voice input. Whether you have vision problems, don’t feel comfortable using the touch keys, or are simply in a hurry, this can save you a lot of time!

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