USA-New Zealand Goal Special Drama: Meikayla Moore's Football Nightmare Comes True

USA-New Zealand Goal Special Drama: Meikayla Moore’s Football Nightmare Comes True

Defender is not a beginner. She has been playing for Liverpool FC since 2020, before playing in 1. FC Köln and MSV Duisburg. In the national team she now has 50 matches.

After the match, they cheered many fans on Twitter with the phrase “Cheer Up.” American international Ali Krieger was also concerned about the New Zealander: “I have to say my heart goes to Moore. This beautiful game can be tough at times and today you just don’t set it! I can’t imagine the pressure you’re feeling right now and I hope you’re doing well.”

But the most important were the words of their coach Jitka Klimkova. “Regardless of the level, every player has great matches and tough matches. Today was a tough day for her,” she said. “Of course she is sad and disappointed now. But she is a great personality and player who belongs to this team. We are all behind her in this difficult moment. Moore himself has yet to comment.

By the way: In the German Bundesliga, many players share their own goal record. The last to score two own goals in one match was Hannover Karim Hajji. (Master’s)

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