US DAX formalizes three new recruits

US DAX formalizes three new recruits

A second line, half scrum and middle complete the Dacois squad.

A few days after the officialization of Portuguese international pillar Diogo Ferreira and New Zealand third midfielder Alex Tolo, the American DAX announced, on Monday, June 28 on its website, to complete its workforce for the 2021-2022 season with three new ones. Elements, in the priority positions of President Augustus and his staff.

The first is Yoan Gaune. This strong second streak of 28 years (1.97m, 125kg) after passing training centers in Bourgogne and Pau, Aubenas where he has just completed three seasons, two at Federal 1 and the last at the National. Sign up for two years with US Dax, like Adrien Ayestaran.

Georgian International

The experienced 33-year-old (1.74m, 85kg), who trained at BO with whom he played 5 of the 14 best matches between 2009 and 2011 before joining Périgueux, has been playing for SA XV since 2013. With Angoumois training, of which he became captain, notably saw him join Pro D2 in 2014.

The third newcomer to Red and Black is not an unknown total in the division since he spent a season (2012-2013) at Stade Montois, in the Top 14 at the time. This is a 28-year-old midfielder, Tamaz Mechlidze (1.95 m, 108 kg).

Passed by SU Agen, the Georgia international was not retained by Rouen Lions (Pro D2), a club he joined in 2019 after the World Cup in Japan. The native of Tbilisi signed a one-year contract with the American company DAX, with an optional year.

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