The 36th America's Cup was watched by 941 million spectators

The 36th America’s Cup was watched by 941 million spectators

What is the value of the America’s Cup? How many spectators in the world? We all wondered. And now, the first numbers arrive, from Nielsen via Team New Zealand. Compliment, which certainly fills the void of real onlookers defined by armored borders and shutdowns.

According to a Nielsen report, AC36 events (ACWS Auckland, Prada Cup and America’s Cup match) between November 2020 and March 2021 reached a global TV and broadcast audience of 941 million people. Measurement and evaluation analysis shows the average total value of an event, teams, hosts and sponsors to exceed NZ$1.4 billion: the value translated into Euro is $832.9 million.

In a little more detail, we’re talking about a dedicated audience – all those who watched the regattas, press conferences, award ceremonies live, pre-recorded or via TV footage,, YouTube and Facebook – 68.2 million (after New Zealand there is Italy ), which is 3.2 times more than the dedicated audience (20.5 million) collected by AC35, the America’s Cup was held in 2017 in Bermuda. The TV broadcast of the event covered 198 countries and the free live broadcast online 236 countries.

A great return to the web (there is Italy after the US). The number of followers doubled from 491 thousand to 1.09 million between the 35th and 36th America’s Cups. Social media channels delivered more than three times more impressions (the number of times a content, video, web page, banner, or other web content that can be viewed by users) than the previous 35th edition, going from 159 to 499 million. Appearances during the competition period and a total of 715 million impressions during the entire 36th America’s Campaign Cup. By reserving digital rights to the event to allow free live broadcasting of the regatta to as many people as possible around the world and by broadcasting on YouTube, Facebook and, the America’s Cup increased its dedicated audience by 10,2 million viewers, representing 19 % of TV audience.

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Team New Zealand CEO Grant Dalton is satisfied: “We have met, and indeed exceeded, our expectations in making the sport and the event grow globally, despite the many challenges we had to face.”

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