Ursula von der Leyen rules out working with “Putin's friends” in the European Parliament

Ursula von der Leyen rules out working with “Putin's friends” in the European Parliament

On Wednesday, February 21, European Commission President, Christian Democrat Ursula von der Leyen, ruled out working with parties. ” friends “ Russian President Vladimir Putin in parliament, as a result of the June elections. The German official, who announced her intention to run for a second term, is the candidate of the European People's Party, the main political force in the European Parliament.

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In response to a journalist’s question about the possibility of relying on a majority in the next parliament, including the ECR group (European Conservatives and Reformists), she continued to evade and draw red lines: “Those who are against the rule of law, impossible! Putin friends, impossible! »

He added: “It is important for me to work with pro-European, pro-NATO, pro-Ukrainian groups, which clearly support our democratic values. It is more a question of content.” She declared, along with Manfred Weber, head of the European People's Party, that it was important.

In the current term, this group has traditionally worked to build a majority with the Social Democrats and the European Renewal Party (centrists and liberals), which are the second and third forces, respectively, in terms of seats.

The rise of far-right and Eurosceptic movements in the country

But a few months before the European elections, scheduled for June 6-9, in the 27 EU countries, opinion polls predict the rise of far-right and Eurosceptic right movements. The political balances resulting from the vote will determine the distribution of positions at the head of the main EU institutions.

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The ECR group includes among its members the Polish Law and Justice Party, the Fratelli d'Italia party led by Giorgia Meloni, the Spanish Vox party, in addition to the Restitution Party led by Eric Zemmour over the past two weeks. Nationalist Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban — the only EU leader to maintain close ties with Moscow — said he was in discussions about his Fidesz party joining the group.

Meanwhile, the far-right Identity and Democracy group includes in its ranks the French National Rally, the German AfD, and the Italian League, among others. “Every European election brings a change in the composition of different political parties and different political groups.”Ursula von der Leyen confirmed. “Those who defend our values ​​against Putin's cronies are the ones I want to work with.”she insisted.

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