UPHE July 2021: New “Mortal Kombat” movie and “Space Jam” on UHD Blu-ray Titans-of-Cult-Steelbook and more. – Update

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UPHE July 2021: New “Mortal Kombat” movie and “Space Jam” on UHD Blu-ray Titans-of-Cult-Steelbook and more. – Update

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Today we can offer you a non-binding preview of the July 2021 program from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment based on preliminary dealer information. Our overview not only includes titles on Blu-ray and Ultra HD Blu-ray released by Universal itself, but also those that appear in the main distribution. Warner Home Video in particular has several highlights that you’ll be showing in that month. We already have about it looking atWarner is launching the video game movie in this country. “Mortal Kombat“(Australia, USA 2021) has had to be ignored due to the Covid-19 epidemic and the film will be offered digitally for rent and purchase from May 13th. Fortunately, we don’t have to wait long for a physical release.” Mortal Kombat “will on July 22nd Blu-ray Put it on the market in a simple storage bag. The final details are still outstanding. It is envisaged that an English language soundtrack and possibly a German Dolby Atmos soundtrack would also be included. Once we have the accurate information, we will report it immediately.


On the same date should also be ”Mortal Kombat(USA 1995), first implementation by Paul WS Anderson, will appear again on Blu-ray – and for the first time With HDR10 on Ultra HD Blu-ray! The 4K premiere can be pre-ordered from MediaMarkt and Saturn. In addition, Warner will for the first time.Crowded place(USA 1996) Ultra HD Blu-ray with HDR10 Take out, namely In Titans of Cult Steelbook Limited Including Blu-ray sticker, pin and vinyl. About PublicationsBatman: The Long Halloween – Part 1(USA 2021) andHis Dark Matter: The Complete Second Season“(USA & Great Britain 2020) on Blu-ray and”Justice League Zack Snyder(USA 2021) im High resolution or. 4K- Steelbook We have already reported.


As you may already know, Constantin Film has several shows for July UHD first shows Offer available. “The story never ends(Germany, USA 1984) andvampire(Germany, Great Britain, USA 2002) The four supplements will be released directly on July 1st. Paramount will be published after that.Hawaii Five -0 – Season 10(USA 2019-2020) and one A complete edition of the series for the first time “Defenseless – the daughter of the general(USA, Germany 1999),Escape through Hell(USA 1991) andTuxedo – Danger in Suit(Canada, USA 2002) is on Blu-ray. MMA dramas come from Universal itselfTrapped(USA 2020) starring Stephen Dorf, Darren Mann, Elizabeth Reaser, Colin McKenna and Donald Faison on Blu-ray.


Additionally, two new versions have been announced. On July 8, UPHE will show the documentary Daniel Lindsay and TJ Martins Tina Turner.Tina“(USA 2021) will be released on Blu-ray in the Keep Case. On the same date, it will also appear.”Lethal Engines: Urban Warfare(New Zealand and USA 2018) Ultra HD Blu-ray with HDR10 and German Dolby Atmous sound Such as Limited edition of Steelbook With new artwork including Blu-ray. We have listed all of the July titles below. Please note that this is not an official preview and that there may still be changes. (South)
Update: There is news about the release of the new Mortal Kombat movie. The Steel Book posts mentioned in our news appear to be not the Paul WS Anderson movie, but the current movie version. The retailer info references the movie from 1995, but the product photos now posted clearly indicate the new implementation by Simon McQuoid. So, “Mortal Kombat” will be on Blu-ray in the Keep Case from July 22nd, Im HD-SteelbookAnd the Also on Ultra HD Blu-ray as a steelbook version And maybe too 4K-Amaray-Release To be available. Special versions can be pre-ordered.

From July 29:


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