Update road network status and resume me

Update road network status and resume me

On Monday, February 21, the red cyclone alert status was raised since 8 a.m. Reunion enters the protection phase, while Cyclone Amenati moves away. The coastal road was closed, and Cilaos and Salazie reopened. Buses will gradually resume. Road condition update.

The red cyclone alert has been raised since 8 a.m. on Monday, February 21. The reunion now moves into the protection phase, with the implementation of vigils for heavy rain, storms, strong winds, and inundating waves.

Cyclone Amnati is moving away from our coast and is 390 km away. However, weather conditions will remain deteriorating throughout the day.

The point here concerns the state of the road network.

On the RN1 Route du Littoral, after a severe bulge, the road is completely closed to traffic until further notice. Work is underway to restore traffic lanes on the side of the mountain. However, due to continued strong bloating, no reopening is planned for this morning.

As a reminder, traffic on the RD41 Route de la Montagne is prohibited for vehicles over 7.5 tons and over 10 metres.

The RN5 Route de Cilaos has reopened to alternating traffic in certain sectors for cleaning work.

On Via Salazie, traffic is again possible on the entire route, and the road is reopened to traffic.

As for the bus networks, the lines are back in place. The summer network Urban transport services resume at 12 noon, throughout the CIREST region. Stay up-to-date with the status of the lines via the Facebook page and Estival Network website.

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The yellow car network It will survey the routes of network lines across the island in order to allow a gradual resumption of services from 12 noon. As the coastal road is closed, shuttle buses will be set up by RD 41 Route de la Montagne between St-Denis and the port every hour.

The Citalis Network Carry out an inventory of the road network on the territory of CINOR, in order to allow the resumption of services from 10 am. For more information: www.citalis.re and N° vert: 0800655655 (toll-free call from a landline).

Resumption Alternéo and CARSUD networks Gradually starting at 1 pm today.

Road network inspections are planned by teams Karoist To resume the regular line network starting at ten in the morning.

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