Demonstration to demand the criminalization of homosexuality

Demonstration to demand the criminalization of homosexuality

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In Senegal, a crowd gathered, Sunday, February 20, in the Nation Square to demand the criminalization of homosexuality.

With our correspondent in Dakar Thea Oliver

A draft law was submitted last December to the National Assembly but it was rejected, and the majority deputies explained that there is indeed Article 319 of the Penal Code that punishes “” Acts against nature and defilement It is a message renewed by President Macky Sall, who did not convince some Senegalese.

Hand in hand signs in French, Wolof and Arabic A large crowd calling for the criminalization of homosexuality. A bill was introduced by the group And Sam Djiko Yi (“Together We Protect Our Values”) behind the event.

Imam Babi Bairam Sar is part of the board of directors of this group, which includes more than 125 associations. ” our bill, He said, It aims to increase the penalty. Homosexuality is not found in our values ​​or in our faith. Just like polygamy, which is forbidden in France, here too, homosexuality is prohibited. »

Among the demonstrators are many students such as Aminata Soo from the Faculty of Arts: “ Homosexuality is not criminalized here in Senegal. Only the act against nature is punished. It’s a big problem because our culture doesn’t accept it. Our religions do not accept that. We will not tolerate homosexuality here in Senegal. »

On Sidi Jasama, Director of Amnesty International in Senegal Acts against nature are already severely punished Under a legal article, it has been criticized by human rights defenders, while many people have been arrested and sentenced in recent years.

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According to him, this packing is Political exploitation to weaken power and attack the country’s secular foundations A few months before the legislative elections scheduled to be held on the 31st of next July.

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