Unsatisfied players leave negative reviews…but they’re playing the wrong game

Unsatisfied players leave negative reviews…but they’re playing the wrong game

Bad reviews were posted on the page for the 2011 game “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3,” but players actually wanted to complain about “Modern Warfare III,” the latest action expected on November 10.

The new one isn’t out yet Call of duty He is already a victim of criticism. Official title Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III It will only be available from Friday, November 10. But early access allows you to discover the new date of the license since Thursday, November 2.

The single player mode is very short and full of cutscenes, and did not attract players. The latter announces this, especially by publishing negative reviews on the Metacritic rating aggregator. The only problem is that criticism is directed against him Another game in the seriesThe namesake notes IGN.

Two games for one title

Because for several years, Call of duty He performed reruns (reboots) of his episodes Modern warfare, which helped increase the popularity of licensing at the end of the 2000s. But by taking the same name as the 2011 episode, the latest skin from publisher Activision is only marked with a number.

2011 episode titled Modern Warfare 3 While the year 2023 is supposed to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his birth Call of duty – he is called Modern Warfare III. A subtle distinction that tricked players who wanted to immortalize their disgust for the game on Metacritic.

Because for several days, it was the 2011 work that received a torrent of criticism, both positive and negative. But now, all that’s left are good reviews. Metacritic seeks to curb review bombing, which consists of giving a game collectively bad ratings for sometimes not-so-funny reasons, by further moderating the reviews the site receives.

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More importantly, the final episode has not been officially released. Her Metacritic page Access to the community reviews area is not yet permitted. Notes regarding the title Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III Therefore, it will only be accessible on November 10.

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