Bad news for Xbox gamers, Microsoft Rewards just got (even) less interesting |  Xbox One

Bad news for Xbox gamers, Microsoft Rewards just got (even) less interesting | Xbox One

Microsoft Rewards is a great way to earn money from gaming on Xbox. Unfortunately, the latter has lost a little interest in recent months due to many changes, and today it has become less interesting with the points reduction for one of its main quests.

Only 5 points for a win instead of 50

Indeed, as we see in the message presented by the famous success hunter The stallion83Microsoft has reduced the mission aimed at rewarding players who have achieved an achievement in an Xbox Game Pass game.

Today he gives only 5 points, instead of the 50 he received previously.

In total, players in Microsoft Rewards can no longer redeem more than 1,000 points per month.

Note also that Microsoft has also decided to modify the location of the Microsoft Rewards program on mobile phones. If until now you’ve had to go to the Xbox Game Pass app to manage your tasks, you’ll now be able to find them via the Xbox app.

Program losing interest?

After removing the quest Weekly Treasure Then the one with the title Continue. Earn more Last March, collecting points became more and more difficult.

When we know that many players pay for games, downloadable content and accessories, but also and above all for their subscription to Xbox Game Pass with Microsoft Rewards quests, this new discount will certainly cause disappointment.

Please tell us in the comments what you think about the evolution of Microsoft Rewards, and if you think the time investment is still worth it.

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