Universal charger is mandatory in 2024 for all new electronic devices!

Universal charger is mandatory in 2024 for all new electronic devices!

France is preparing for an important turning point in electronics by adopting crucial European regulations. Decree No. 2023-1271 of December 27, 2023 marks the beginning of an era in which universal chargers will become the standard for all small and medium-sized electronic devices.. This procedure is effective from December 28, 2024aims to reduce electronic waste and simplify daily life.

Organizational context and environmental objectives

Directive 2022/2380/EUotherwise known as the Directive on Universal chargerreplacesOld Directive 2014/53/EU. It aims to coordinate charging interfaces and communication protocols for a variety of electronic devices. Bruno Le Maire and Jean-Noel Barrot, two key figures in the French government, have actively supported this regulation, which is in line with the French “digital and environmental” strategy. This legislation is a concrete example of the convergence between digital and environmental transformations.

Practical implications for consumers

As of December 28, 2024 and April 26, 2026 for computers, all new radios must be equipped with USB Type C port As a universal charger. This standard will greatly simplify the use of multiple devices, allowing a single charger to be used for:

  • Mobile phones and smart phones
  • Tablets
  • Cameras
  • Headphones and earphones
  • Game controllers
  • Amplifiers
  • E-readers
  • keyboard
  • the mouse
  • Portable navigation systems

Environmental and economic impact

Adopting this measure will have a significant impact on reducing electronic waste. The European Commission estimates it will prevent more 11 thousand tons of electronic waste every year. Additionally, this initiative is also seen as a way to improve the purchasing power of consumers by eliminating the need to purchase multiple chargers.

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A step forward welcomed by ministers

Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Economy, Finance, Industrial and Digital Sovereignty, confirmed that this decision falls within the framework of the continuity of measures taken by the French government since 2017 to simplify the lives of the French. Jean-Noel Barrot, Minister Delegate for Digital Affairs, also expressed his support for this progress, emphasizing its practical and environmental nature.

The introduction of the universal charger represents a major step in efforts to reduce Europe's environmental footprint. This measure, in addition to its practical benefits for consumers, is a step forward towards more responsible consumption of digital devices. It perfectly illustrates Europe's ability to work for the everyday lives of citizens while pursuing ambitious environmental goals.

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