Linus Tech Tips insults Nintendo and announces a shocking revenge tournament.

Hello geeks! Have you heard about the recent Smash Bros. tournament organized by Linus Sebastian himself? Yes, the famous creator of the Linus Tech Tips channel decided to openly challenge Nintendo by organizing a tournament with 201 participants, one more than the number allowed by the video game giant. Real disdain for their new rules!

Linus, with his community of loyal fans, has a huge influence in the world of new technologies and games. Although LTX 2024 has been cancelled, previous community events have proven that once he gives something, people show up.

And with Nintendo's new strict rules for Smash Bros. tournaments, Linus wasn't shy about expressing his anger. He even called these rules “ridiculous” and publicly challenged Nintendo by announcing a tournament that would intentionally violate as many of these rules as possible.

Linus and his co-host Luke spoke about this at length, and strongly criticized Nintendo's decisions. They denounced the rigidity of the rules imposed by the company, and even questioned their legitimacy.

This decision by Linus is a disdain for Nintendo and a desire to support the Smash Bros. community. An event that promises to be fun and protestive. What a joy to see this kind of initiative that shakes up the status quo!

It was Julian, a new technology enthusiast, who took part in this colorful tournament. See you soon in new geek adventures!

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