Under-20 World Cup.  France’s impressive victory over New Zealand as seen by the foreign press

Under-20 World Cup. France’s impressive victory over New Zealand as seen by the foreign press

This Thursday, during the Under-20 World Cup, Les Bleuets put in an impressive performance by dominating the New Zealand Baby Blacks. In the damp and harsh conditions of South Africa, “little blacks” livedBrutal reality check“After suffering a record defeat against France. Les Bleuets won with a remarkable score of 35-14. At the heart of this fight, Posolo Tuilagi’s French second line proved that”A real nightmareFor New Zealand, he scored two powerful tries.XV from France. Everyone is talking about Mifo, but if Bosulu Tuilagi is the future No. 5 of the Blues?The foreign press, in particular the New Zealand media 1news.co.nz, reports that France inflicted the Baby Black’s heaviest defeat ever in this tournament. The previous mark, a 12-point loss to England in the semi-finals of the 2013 Championship, was well surpassed. The All Blacks admit, via their official website, that their poor start to the match quickly dented their chances of winning. They also acknowledge thatFrance was a team that deserved this success, and was able to raise their level at any time.Toilagi, Jounou, France Spanking New Zealand, fans conquered!Toilagi, Jounou, France Spanking New Zealand, fans conquered!After a hard-fought win against Wales, the Baby Blacks struggled to contain the French forward group, who were particularly dominant in the pouring rain in Paarl. The Stuff notes that “The large French peloton proved more than New Zealand could handle in such weather conditions.France sealed the attacking bonus point just three minutes into the second half thanks to a Tulagi brace.video.  Remember the time Chabal and Henri Toilagi distributed lozenges?video. Remember the time Chabal and Henri Toilagi distributed lozenges?Tuilagi’s biggest contribution to the match, however, came in the dying moments, after New Zealand scored their second try to cut the deficit to 28-14, Rugbyonslot points out. At this crucial moment, the solid French second line turned everything in its path with a fantastic grip,”As the entire New Zealand team and coaching staff seemed to be trying to stop himAlthough he didn’t score directly from that play, he carried the ball deep into the opposition half, allowing his second-line partner Brent Leufau to score the decisive try.

However, not all comments are solely about performance on the field. Rugbydump reports that the pre-match haka from the Baby Blacks has drawn a mixed reaction from rugby fans around the world. Some critics call this drawn-out method “ridiculous” and better suited to TikTok than the respectable rugby tradition. Some believe that this iconic ritual lost its effect for more than two minutes. Some even went so far as to accuse the Baby Blacks of devoting more time to Haka practice than to their own game.

At the end of this memorable match, Baby Black now sits in third place in Group A. However, they held their fate in their own hands before facing Japan in their last pool match. The New Zealanders will have to win this encounter and hope to achieve positive results in the other matches to have a chance of advancing to the semi-finals. Remember that only the teams ranked first in each group, as well as the best second, will enter this crucial stage of the tournament.

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