U-20 World Cup France’s XV side dominated New Zealand and South Africa in the fall of…all you need to remember from day two

U-20 World Cup France’s XV side dominated New Zealand and South Africa in the fall of…all you need to remember from day two

Chapter Two of the Under-20 World Cup took place on Thursday in South Africa. Which team did he lead? Which team lost the most? Back to day two, game by game.

Ireland as a coach against Australia

The last of the Six Nations Grand Prix winners did not waver against a brave Australian side in defence. The Irish managed to win by dominating the second act. In the last minute, third row Diarmuid Mangan scored the try which wallabies were crucified. At the same time, the youngster from Leinster brings the attacking bonus to his family, and now sits second in Pool B. Final score: 10-30.

France dominates New Zealand

It was a very anticipated match. The French duly responded to the New Zealanders’ Haka by inflicting a rugby lesson on them, right from the start, and leading 28-0 at half-time. Several players distinguished themselves, such as Bosulu Tuilagi, who scored two goals. Despite more difficulties in the second half, with this victory, Les Bleuets top Group A and calmly prepare for the match against Wales next Tuesday. Final score: 35-14.

Japan has been betrayed by its own indiscipline

The Welshman, who had been badly abused for 65 minutes, had long believed in defeat against the Japanese. But Japan, who were knocked out by France on the first day, were shown a red card early in the second half, leaving Wales back to scoring 4 tries in the final quarter of the hour. Final score: 41-19.

Italy creates an upset against South Africa

What a match of the Italians! After losing the first match against Argentina, Italy managed to beat the host country of the World Cup for the first time in its history. Thanks to a superior package and a heroic defense, the 3rd of the last 6 countries won the tournament. For their part, the Bucks take the offensive bonus point courtesy of their four attempts but miss the defensive bonus point penalty at the last minute. Final score: 26-34.

Georgia punishes Argentina

Watch out for Lilos .. England champion 40-38 in a preparatory match for the U-20 World Cup, then close to completion against the hosts of South Africa (33-23) In the first match, the Georgians beat the Argentines! After two tries in the first term, teammates Irakli Apsiaori, Georgi Mamaiashvili and Juga Ganiashvili took advantage of their lead in the second term and scored two penalties. Lelos can believe in qualifying in Group C where every team wins. Last day, Tuesday 4th July, promises! Final score: 20-0

Defeat of the English by Fiji

On the verge of beating the Australians on the first day, Fiji held only one half this time against England. Two fatal yellow cards foul. Waga’s brother Napoleone Nalaja’s team-mates conceded 7-0 in the abbreviated first ten minutes when the score was only 10-7. Then Irreversible 19-0 through the second yellow, and was scooped up by left fielder Moses McCone. With this improved 53-7 success, English finished first in Pool B.

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