Uncertainty reigned in Guinea after the overthrow of President Alpha Condé

Uncertainty reigned in Guinea after the overthrow of President Alpha Condé

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The coup soldiers did not forget any of the utensils or pictures, brought in such conditions, for their first appearance on the guinea airwaves: red hats screwed on their heads, tightly tied camouflage clothes, masks and dark glasses. So much for panopli. The groundwork elsewhere was sensational, with the announcement that Republican institutions would be placed under a vague National Committee for Rally and Development (CNRD), with imprecise outlines.

The speech justified in terms of coup-populism the necessary guarantees of the country threatened, according to them, by the excess of Alpha Conde’s power. The latter, poorly re-elected in October 2020 for a third term, having drawn up a new constitution according to his measure, the actors of this coup will be subordinated to it, led by young officers of the special forces, usually responsible for the fight against terrorism.

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Twenty-four hours later The sudden and brutal appearance of these bubble soldiers, the course of events always has gray areas. Residents of central Conakry say they awoke, early Sunday morning, to the “tac-tac” of automatic weapons firing a crackling on the outskirts of the presidency of the Republic of Guinea located on the Kaloum Peninsula, a commercial district of the capital and the administrative center of the state. These exchanges from ‘Big fire’According to witnesses who opposed, most likely, elements of the presidential guard of the men of Lieutenant-Colonel Mamady Domboya, who appeared on Guinean television as the leader of the group.

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heavy weight

It seems that the men of this giant – a former member of the French Foreign Legion – quickly gained the upper hand. As far as we know, we shouldn’t regret the casualties – except for Alpha Conde, who metaphorically fell on the political battlefield. The Speaker of Parliament, Amadou Damaru Camara, the second figure in the state, who is generally described as a hardliner within the Alpha Conde regime, was also reported to have been arrested. The fate of the defense minister, Mohamed Diani, the heavyweight in power, remained uncertain.

“People are scared, wondering what will happen next and would rather stay safe at home than rub shoulders with the military”

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