New Caledonia was reconstituted after three cases were discovered

New Caledonia was reconstituted after three cases were discovered

Strict bi-weekly confinement will start at noon Tuesday in New Caledonia, where three indigenous cases of Covid-19 were detected, on Monday, September 6. To date, the archipelago has been preserved from diseases.

Three cases detected “Geographically far” And “Not connected” He led the head of government, Louis Mapu (a separatist), and the High Commissioner of the Republic of New Caledonia, Patrice Faure, to make this decision.

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air suspension connections

Wearing a mask outside the home becomes mandatory. Schools, colleges, high schools and university will not welcome students anymore. External and internal air connections have been suspended until further notice, with the exception of medical personnel. The economic activity of companies that do not welcome the public, such as the activity of basic necessities, can continue.

Travel between home and work, travel for medical advice, essential purchases and physical activity is permitted within one hour per day and within a radius of one kilometer.

“The virus is spreading, and at this time dozens of Caledonians may have been infected”Mr. Mapu warned, while urging residents not to panic. containment “We must make it possible to break the transmission of the virus”, he insisted. “Constraint becomes the rule; freedom, the exception”For his part, the High Commissioner announced that the controls for wearing a muzzle and the reasons for displacement will start on Tuesday.

Fear of saturating the health system

This scenario of the introduction of the virus was very frightening by the authorities, who fear a very rapid saturation of the health system, with only 30% of the population being vaccinated and the lack of medical staff crying. The fear that prompted authorities to adopt a vaccine obligation for all adults last weekend, a measure that went into effect on Monday.

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The main hospital in the archipelago launched its white plan. A tent was erected at the entrance to the building to allow triage of patients. “National solidarity will be implemented and reinforcements will be requested if necessary.”Mr. Fore reassured. Since the start of the Covid-19 epidemic, New Caledonia has recorded only 139 cases and no deaths.

Since March 2020 and the island’s first confinement, access to the territory has been highly restricted and arrivals must undergo a strict two-week quarantine with hosts required by the government.

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