Ukraine's defense minister says conflict is entering 'protracted phase'

Ukraine’s defense minister says conflict is entering ‘protracted phase’

Update of the situation on the ground

On Tuesday, Moscow announced the surrender of 265 Ukrainian soldiers holed up in the huge Azovstal steel plants. Mariupol, the last pocket of resistance against the Russian army, is in this strategic port in southern Ukraine, on the Sea of ​​Azov. This evacuation makes the complete fall of the city inevitable, and it was almost completely destroyed after about three months of incessant fighting and bombardment. Its complete conquest of the Russian forces would facilitate the intersection between the Crimea in the south and the Donbass in the east.

to me Severodonetska city that has become a regional capital for Ukrainians since pro-Russian separatist forces seized part of Donbass in 2014, At least 10 people were killed. And the region’s governor announced, today, Monday, in a Russian bombing. This city is almost surrounded by enemy soldiers.

The Ukrainians have regained control of part of the border with Russia in the region Kharkovasserts Kyiv, expecting that the disengaged units in the region will go to reinforce the Russian forces in the Donbass, where they are only advancing with difficulty.

Eight people were killed and 12 wounded on Tuesday in a Russian raid on dysna, a Ukrainian village north of Kyiv known to house a large military training camp, according to a local relief. Russian long-range Kalibr missiles were launched near the railway station in Russia StariciIn the Lviv region, it destroyed shipments of US and European military equipment intended for Donbass and caused the deaths of Ukrainian reservists, according to the Russian Defense Ministry. He also confirmed the strike on the Desna and another training camp, in Okhtyrkain the Sumy region in the north.

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